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Should I stay or should I go...

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Hey everyone :)

I'm a teenager in Canada and I have an opportunity to stay with my relatives next summer in Germany. I'd be staying with my father's aunt and uncle. My dad is somewhat of a proud German and wants me to go to satisfy my desire to for cultural exchange as opposed to becoming an exchange student and going somewhere else. I went there once before when I was 14 and loved it, but only stayed for two weeks. Germany is a beautiful country and I would like to go back... but I'm not sure if this is the way to go back. I know nobody... nobody in Germany except my relatives who are in their sixties. That and I don't know any German beyond random useless vocabulary picked up from my grandparents (read: tablecloth, duck, potato, etc...) and "guten tag".
I think if I went through with this I'd become miserable and lonely with nobody to talk to. I don't know any people my age there, I don't speak the language... there would be no "exchange" of cultures going on. I've been learning French in school and I think a more constructive thing to do with my summer would be to go on a government-funded exchange to Quebec to become better at French.
But at the same time, I feel like I shouldn't pass up this opportunity... even if I were isolated in Anglophone teenager land, I could still learn something and have some fun...

what do you guys think?
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Of I stay there will be trouble....if I go it will be double..................

Hmmm, that's hard to say. I wouldn't do it, personally. While it may be hard to pass up the opportunity, if you aren't going to enjoy yourself, don't go.
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No matter what you do, if you have it set in your head that you're going to be miserable you will fulfill your own prophesy. No matter what you decide, realize it's just for the summer, keep an open mind and make the most of whatever opportunity.
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Personally, I'd never pass up an opportunity to go to Europe. It would be an adventure and it could only be as boring as you make it. I bet you could find some people who speak English there, and keep yourself busy with your family.

It's also a year away and not worth stressing over yet. :)
No matter what you do, if you have it set in your head that you're going to be miserable you will fulfill your own prophesy.
True. There's such a thing as self-fulfilling prophecy.
That said, it sounds like you'd really want to just go ahead and do the student exchange program. Just go ahead and do it if that's what you really want. There will be other opportunities that will come that will allow you to do the culture exchange thing. This won't be the last if you really want that to happen.
The folks would be disappointed, most likely, since they're pushing you to go to Germany, but just try to soothe them that just because you're not choosing Germany for this summer doesn't mean there won't be another time for you to actually go there and have a much more fun and productive experience (preferably if you at least know and learn the language better).

Good luck and have fun! :)
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