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Should we fault sexual harassment victim for wearing make up ?

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makeup make you more attractive thus garnering more sexual attention = more likely to be sexually harassed. so you can't complain if you wore makeup and get sexually harrassed.

Right-wing idiots are saying this because their lord and savior Jordan Peterson said it.
This is just idiocy on the most basic, banal level. Some women look worse in makeup--ghoulish, even. Some women just look like they aren't wan.

I could just as easily say something along the lines of:
They are distracting me from working because every time I look at them I think of Alvira and wonder what she's up to these days; is she alive; I bet she got a boob and face lift, or at least uses Retin-A because she's in show business... Jessica Lange's face-lift seems to have relaxed some but I wonder if Kenny Rogers' ever did... Fuck, I can't concentrate. I need to check with H.R., see if there is a rule about looking freakish and unbusiness-like. I'm gonna do that... as soon as I can stop thinking about Morticia Addams. I used to masturbate to images of her when I got home from school (latch key kids, man, not a good idea!), but this isn't about me. This is about having a safe working environment, and it is definitely not safe for me to be anywhere near metal filing drawers with a boner this big!
Yes, I made all that up. Sheesh, what else do I have to do. I don't wear makeup, jewelry, shave my legs, or even work in an office. Don't get me started... again. o_O
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