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Similarities and differences in ESTJ's and ENTJ's?

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What do you guys think the biggest Similarities and differences of ESTJ's and ENTJ's are? Do you think we get along well or do we hate each other.

The first time I took the MBTI I was an ESTJ, that was over two years ago. Since then I have taken it at least 20 time and always a ENTJ. But looking back I don't feel much different. I have been told I'm nicer but I don't know if that has anything to do with that. I'm also much more perspective about people and their motives. But that's pretty much it. What do you guys think?
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The discrepancies, in my experience, are based on the level of development of the auxiliary and tertiary functions. If you have an ESTJ with a well developed Ne, you can find yourself with a mess on your hands if they use it to further some of their xSxJ pursuits (mainly miscellaneous loyalties to society). Here is where you find your most vocal stereotypers and fanatics in the realm of ExTJs. They are also the ones who tend to unintentionally masquerade as ENTJs.

Now that the mildly insulting and technical part of the post is done, let me name some of the reasons why one of my closest friends is an ESTJ. Your average ESTJ can be surprisingly scatter brained, and very hard on themselves. I find the latter annoying, because I consider my mental disorganization critical mass. :wink: However, they do know how to organize those thoughts and get everything done, despite over committing themselves. I am impressed by this trait. You can also differentiate between the two based on the flexibility of their logic. ESTJs, IME, tend to answer to the facts, while we answer to what is most efficient (Often times they overlap, but sometimes they don't). They also keep us grounded with these facts when we begin to succumb to our Ni. However, I find ESTJs are more polarizing than ENTJs - people really do either love them or hate them. In short, a healthy ESTJ is one of an ENTJs best allies, and valuable to any organization.
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How are they able to masquerade as ENTJs? Ne and Ni are very different in both thought patterns and execution style.

...Unless you mean, after taking one of those simple MBTI tests, due to their intuition being rather high, they think of themselves as ENTJ and thus, label themselves as such.
What I meant is that they are masquerading as far as labeling the mirror goes. IME, mistyped ESTJs with a strong Ne are the ones most likely to recall on a handful of events to interpret them as evidence for their ENTJ label. The issue of function analysis does not necessarily have to come in to play because once they have gathered the pieces of evidence, processed, and applied them, they can again use Ne to flesh out their already faulty logic.

Again, this only applies to about a handful of people with a particular functional development pattern. I would not say most of the ESTJs I have met fall into this category.
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Well I'm an ENTJ and my work ethic is terrible. It's really bad.
Is your work ethic terrible about things you find particularly important?
Do you still get the job done competently?
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