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Similarities and differences in ESTJ's and ENTJ's?

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What do you guys think the biggest Similarities and differences of ESTJ's and ENTJ's are? Do you think we get along well or do we hate each other.

The first time I took the MBTI I was an ESTJ, that was over two years ago. Since then I have taken it at least 20 time and always a ENTJ. But looking back I don't feel much different. I have been told I'm nicer but I don't know if that has anything to do with that. I'm also much more perspective about people and their motives. But that's pretty much it. What do you guys think?
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Well I'm an ENTJ and my work ethic is terrible. It's really bad.
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Is your work ethic terrible about things you find particularly important?
Oh, it has to be really really important (or fun, I guess.) But I have real problems with self-discipline. I'm ridiculously impulsive.
If you look at it this way; work hours put in per mark, it's extremely competent. Sadly I don't put many work hours in; about 20-25% of the amount I'm supposed to. If I put them all in I would be getting firsts (british equivalent of an A at university) across the board. Law is a very intensive course. Next year I am going to improve my self discipline... or die.
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You shouldn't take the MBTI test as gospel. A full understanding of cognitive functions is a better way of typing people because the test is really subjective to interpretation and lacks a "mid way" feature.

The chances of you, statistically, running into 5 ENTJs is very, very low. Of the 3 ENTJs I know, including myself, who tested ENTJ on the test, the only one of them who is actually an INTJ is me (the other is ENTP and teh other INTJ, I thikn, or maybe they're both ENTP im not too sure) because the test doesn't order cog functions, it just gives you % of each letter. The difference between an ENTP and an ENTJ is actually massive.

Te > Ni > Se > Fi
Ne > Ti > Fe > Si

As you can see, as one or two questions on the test can just change you between a P and a J, which looks like not a big deal on the test, it's a bloody big deal in actual theory.
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Extraverted Characteristics are:

Act first, think/reflect later Yes 3 More like ENTP than ENTJ. ENTJ theoretically stands back and plans things because of his Te/Ni combination. However this COULD be evidence of Se... but you are supposed to be Te dominant, and Ni auxiliary.

Feel deprived when cutoff from interaction with the outside world Yes 5 Well that's E I guess.

Usually open to and motivated by outside world of people and things Yes 4 Well that's E I guess.

Enjoy wide variety and change in people relationships Yes 5 Well that's E I guess.

score 4 out of 4, total score 17

But then again, nobody was questioning your E, just your NTJ.

Sensing Characteristics are:

Mentally live in the Now, attending to present opportunities No 0 This is Se. You said No 0, even though Se is an ENTJ fnuction.

Using common sense and creating practical solutions is automatic-instinctual Yes 1 Also another Se characteristic which only scores 1 point.

Memory recall is rich in detail of facts and past events Yes 5 This in fact is just a rly good description of Si, except you put "Yes 5" even though Si is ESTJ not ENTJ.

Best improvise from past experience No 0 Ok.

Like clear and concrete information; dislike guessing when facts are "fuzzy" No 0 Another Se characteristic that you don't claim to have.

Intuitive Characteristics are:

Mentally live in the Future, attending to future possibilities Yes 4

Using imagination and creating/inventing new possibilities is automatic-instinctual Yes 5 This is Ne, which ESTJs have, not Ni, which ENTJs have.

Memory recall emphasizes patterns, contexts, and connections Yes 5 This sounds a lot more like Ti or Si to me... I don't see how "memory recall" is intuitive.

Best improvise from theoretical understanding Yes 2 OK

Comfortable with ambiguous, fuzzy data and with guessing its meaning. Yes 3 Again, seems an Ne thing, not an Ni thing.

Score 5 out of 5, total score 19. I am Intuitive. You might be intuitive but that doesn't make you an introverted intuitive, like ENTJs are. You sound far more like an extraverted intuitior... i.e. ESTJ or ENTP.

Thinking Characteristics are:

Instinctively search for facts and logic in a decision situation. Yes 5 Very T

Naturally notices tasks and work to be accomplished. Yes 5 Don't see how this is T at all

Easily able to provide an objective and critical analysis. Yes 3 Te

Accept conflict as a natural, normal part of relationships with people. Yes 5 Te

score 4 out of 4, total score 18.

Feeling Characteristics are:

Instinctively employ personal feelings and impact on people in decision situations. Yes 2

Naturally sensitive to people needs and reactions. Yes 1

Naturally seek consensus and popular opinions. No 0

Unsettled by conflict; have almost a toxic reaction to disharmony. No 0

Score 2 out of 4, total score 3. I am Thinking. These F results are indicative of Fi, which ESTJs also have.

Judging Characteristics are:

Perceiving Characteristics are:

There is no such thing as perceiving or judging. It's used to order whether you use your information functions primarily or your decision making functions primarily.
What this tell us is that you have Te, not Ti. You have Si, not Se. You have Ne, not Ni. And you have Fi, not Fe.

What MBTI types has Te, Si, Ne, and Fi? Well, it's ESTJ. ENTJs have Te, Ni, Se, and Fi.

You do have intuition. Everyone has intuition. You just use it in an external manner and not an internal manner like ENTJs do. And you have sensing, too; everyone has sensing. You just use it in an internal manner and not an external manner like ENTJs do.

All the evidence you've provided to us says that you're an ESTJ, not an ENTJ. ESTJs are scheduled, planners, natural leaders, just like ENTJs are. They rely on facts even more so than ENTJs. ESTJs are equally as logical and objective as ENTJs, but their logic is internally sensory rather than internally intuitive. You haven't yet shown any evidence at all that you have any Ni. Your Ne, as you have told us, appears strong; but ENTJ's don't use Ne.
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Then answer me this. How come when ever I take the MBIT or others type me it always comes out ENTJ?
Because MBTI tests are not accurate. They have a very skewed way of deciding whether people are intuitors or not. For instance if you come up with high N on an MBTI test there's no awy of telling whether its Ni or Ne. High Ne doesn't make you an ENTJ; in fact the higher the Ne the lower the Ni. MBTI tests don't measure that, they just measure basic things like "Intuition" or "Sensing."
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I know, I wrote it.

You misunderstand. The information you have given us indicates you are an ESTJ. That is a reasonable assumption to make. I'm not doubting your type. I'm just telling you what the information you've given us indicates.
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I know what you are thinking. All I'm going to say is be honest with yourself because it doesn't matter what type you end up identifying as so long as its truthful. Good luck. If you really think you are an ENTJ and you really think you understand the material then I will agree with you.
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