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I have been following his interviews a lot lately because I like him very much both as an actor and as a human. I am trying to decide between INFJ and INFP. There are many reasons to believe that he is an INFX, mainly because he always mentions having been a shy and full of self-doubt person and at the same time an empathic and thoughtful child.

I would please like you not to refer to the character he plays in "The Mentalist" which is undoubtedly an ENTP (no arguments here :laughing:).

Since "The Mentalist" he directed a movie called "Breath" (2017) which is very poetic and seems to well incorporate an INFJ's perspective and interest towards people and their destinies. INFJs are better suited to be directors, I think, because they seem to be naturally attuned to the roles every person and every detail can play in the story, whereas INFPs seem to be more attuned to their own feelings.

Simon Baker has a very mature way of dealing with subjects and people (which I would identify as an INFJ-ish type of behaviour), but at the same time there is some sort of shy playfulness and childishness that would seem a bit paradoxical. But being an INFJ myself, I am sure that INFJs are paradoxical, anyway. And I can always detect the kid in me, although maybe not at that playful actor-like extent.

Yet I was wondering what kind of vibe Simon Baker gives off to you. I am inclined to choose INFJ, but I'd love to hear your opinions as well. :happy:
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