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This is about a hypotheses of mine for a simple way to explain the functions of mbti.

I'm rather new with the personality types and functions so I may be(probably am) wrong on some accounts. If so please let me know.

Alright, imagine eight people representing different functions(not entire personalities) that find an unidentified, strange, crystal object.

Could the following responses be as follows?

Te: I wonder what you can do with it?

Ti: What the hell is that?

Ne: Maybe it's an alien, no a vehicle, or a weapon, or space fruit, or a new type of animal, or...

Ni: What do I know about crystals...?

Fe: I wonder how the others feel about this?

Fi: I don't like the feeling of this.

Se: *poke*

Si: Have I seen anything like this before...?

Obviously what I'm after is a generalisation and simplification of how the different functions operate. I realize that one can probably write entire essays for each individual function.

The fact that the object is crystal is not really of great importance here.

My two main questions are: Have I understood the functions somewhat correctly, and would this be a good way to explain the functions in a simple manner.
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