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Skeptical INTJ re-evaluting her type: Help?

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Hey, guys! :happy:

I'm still learning MBTI. It seems with every description I read concerning the 8 functions the more confused I become about my type and I'm still figuring out exactly how the functions cooperate in their respective formulas. I understand that we use all 8 but I'm having trouble understanding which functions I prioritize and in what order. Personally, I think my Ni and Se are strong but I can't decided between Ti,Te, Fe, and Fi. I test as INTP and INTJ

. I over-complicate things (can't get enough of it, a nervous wreck, please give me 10 seconds to blow something completely out of proportion and find symbolic meaning as well)

. Spontaneously prepares speech that suits who I am talking to according to my impressions of them or what I know about them. I try to assume a voice that will make them comfortable. At this point it's an unconscious habit of mine and I sometimes act uncharacteristically timid, nervous, sometimes pedantic, or even once I came off as a thief (which I am not). It bothers me. I don't really know how or why I act the way I do around strangers but they make me terribly nervous.

. My principles are subject to change but it can be hard for me to try new things unless I feel secure. I force myself to jump into things anyway and am very action-oriented. I am constantly sacrificing my sense of security to grow, I cannot stand the idea of stagnating.

. I find theories or practices that I want to learn and obsess over them until I think I've mastered them. Only then I can move. I imagine this is a J thing.

. Most of the time I don't use linear logic to come to conclusions. Random story: During a group ice-breaker I guessed this person would say he would want to be born in the 50's because of his conservative, traditional, no-nonsense overtones, affinity for steak, and all sorts of irrelevant reasons. Later on a friend of mine was mad it him for lecturing us angrily about a rule we broke. I wasn't angry at him because in my mind his anger was justified because of the protectiveness I sensed he had for his crew and people in general, his dutifulness, and lawfulness. I never respect these observations because they seem completely fabricated and nonsensical... Ni?

. I can't be taught anything, I have to figure out systems on my own. I try so hard to listen to directions but I can only nod and act is if I'm listening while I form my own understanding of the task.

. With anyone -including authority figures, professors, and supervisors- I automatically assume we are equal. I guess I don't talk to them like a subordinate should (submissiveness 101, please) and although I'm respectful it tends to annoy my professors or bosses or whoever. I want to control my area immediately, I want to do things efficiently, I hate being inauthentic and using deceptive tactics to promote business, if I'm in a team I only become "the boss" if the other members need gentle motivation and a planner (because leadership is awkward for me). I feel sorry for them though because I have trouble articulating my plans and making snap-decisions. Maybe it's just because I'm being self-conscious.

. Sometimes I feign empathy :( but I think I only do that when people ask for a consultation to discuss their emotional pain. I try to give constructive advice after forming a usually vague understanding of the issue and suggest how the person can solve their problem. And then I find out they just want to "talk it out" and it baffles me because I keep my emotional laundry indoors and mull it over by myself. With anything else however, I have discussions with my ENFP/ENTP friends to put my thoughts into words (it's weird, all my closest friends test as these types). I'm super uncomfortable with comforting people, I'm so bad at it. But if someone or something is in physical pain it hurts me deeply, even if I'm only seeing a representation of pain on TV or in a photo.

. People are intimidated by me at first because my resting face appears solemn or angry.

. I withdraw in big groups.

. I take things literally. Straightforward tasks go askew when they're given to me so I have to ask a ton of follow-up questions. "Oh right, the poison. The poison for Kuzco. The poison chosen specially for Kuzco. Kuzco's poison."

. My ideal profession would allow me to be creative, work alone, and improve my environment in some way.

. I crave details, it's not enough to simply tell me what happened.

. I'm not traditional. I'm not the kind of person who will say "I'm proud to be "__".

. The more patterns I can recognize, the more decisive I can be (if that makes sense). I scroll quickly through clothing sites, pause on the clothes that strike me, add everything that I like into a cart, and carefully sort through that cart. The clothes that survive are the ones that I've somehow idealized (I buy the white dress that I can imagine accentuated by a blue sea and fluttering in the warm breeze while I stare wistfully into the distance *gag* I know... it's bad). If I'm entering new territory that I have no accumulated images of or notes on I research like crazyyy. Sometimes I let myself succumb to the unknown and follow my Ni to get to where I need to be (and then I inevitably get lost).

Alright, hopefully that gave you sufficient insight into my thought process. I'm sorry for rambling! If any INTJ's comment, let me know if we share anything in common! I don't know any other INTJ's personally~

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@stasi I recently met a really mature and kind ENTJ female in one of my classes; wish there were more of them around! Actually, come to say that, I had never even consciously met an ENTJ - she is one of a kind, regardless - so friendly, accepting and driven without being overpowering, actually she can sometimes have a very soft demeanour. But you know she is ambitious! :D
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