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Skin problems/Acne!!!

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Fellow feelers, please offer up your words of wisdom! I have an ENFJ guy friend who had chronic acne on his cheeks while waiting to hear back from medical schools. I thought it must have been just his biological makeup, and never expected that MY SKIN WOULD RESPOND THE SAME WAY! The stress of the waiting game is killing me. I've never had cheek acne in my life (I'm 26 btw).

Is there possibly a correlation between stress and break outs for NFs? Is there anything you can do to relax and lessen this horrible physiological stress response? How did you fix your acne? I'm trying every possible remedy - creams, a healthier diet, birth control... is there anything you ladies (or men) did that helped your skin? It's already started to scar a bit. :unsure: Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!
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I definitely recommend steaming your face at least once a week with lemon water to open up the pores! It helped me a lot.

Also scrubs and clay masks from time to time is always good. :happy:
Any recommendations for specific products? I'm gonna try steaming my face on weekends. Thanks!
Is there possibly a correlation between stress and break outs for NFs?......

There is a correlation between stress and break outs for everyone, its not NF specific...
Go see a doctor if its too bad. If not, use makeup.
Go see a doctor if its too bad. If not, ear chocolate.
The derms I've seen have been useless. It seems like most people have mixed reviews about them. Makes me want to go into dermatology. Must be fascinating to see the wide array of responses people have to meds. Am using an rx cream already. It's helping, but I'm still getting new break outs!
I don't like dermatologists. They always give me a medication that burns the hell out of my face. My skin is too sensitive for benzoyl peroxide and they give it to me anyways. If your skin can handle it, then it does work, but it IS a harsh chemical.

I actually use a clay mask with dead sea minerals. It's been working wonders. I do this once or twice a week.
Could you please link me to the product? I've heard good things about clay masks. Thanks so much!
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I suffered from acne up into my 30s or so I can sympathispze with you and your friend. Anyway, this is what I learned:

- ProActiv was pretty good, but did not solve the problem 100%
- dermatologists are totally worthless and don't know anything worth knowing about acne
- drying out your skin will make matters worse; your skin gets micro cracks which get infected and this leads to more acne

- allergies! Showed up that 'delayed allergies' were to name for my issues (see below)
- cows milk - I break out pretty much within 24 hrs, but I love it too much to stay away... :frustrating:

Below is a really long description of what I went through from an old blogpost. Hopefully some of the info may resonate with you. Good luck, dealing with acne is not fun!
Thank you sooo much for sharing your detailed course of action. I myself and embarking on a paleo "detox." S'gonna be so hard without dairy! Did you follow a specific eating plan with meals mapped out, or did you just stay within the restrictions?
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Rid yourself of the emotional toxins of your heart/soul and believe and reaffirm that you have great skin ...... That easy :)
Are you trolling?
My face started to clear up when I started making smoothies for breakfast,

throw a bunch of fruit & veggies in the blender - youd be surprise how good tasting mixing can be. I dont throw in milk or yogurt, and just let my body feed off that. The nutrients is KILLER great, and youll be peeing like crazy. So if you have any toxins, they will be flushed out instead of forcing itself onto your skin.
You've inspired me to get back to making green smoothies. I just get stock of cleaning the damn blender, lol! But hey, if it worked for you, I'll see if it won't work for me too, in conjunction with the Paleo diet.

Jusy ordered 5 lbs of cashews to make nondairy milk for smoothies. Thanks for the inspiration, @Superfluous!
Trolling ???? Nope just believe that our spiritual and mental state affects our physical state. when we rid our self of internal toxins (emotional,spiritual and mental) we can affect our physical state of being :)
Ah, gotcha. There's definitely a mind body connection that affects our health. Thank you for the reminder! :)
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