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Skin problems/Acne!!!

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Fellow feelers, please offer up your words of wisdom! I have an ENFJ guy friend who had chronic acne on his cheeks while waiting to hear back from medical schools. I thought it must have been just his biological makeup, and never expected that MY SKIN WOULD RESPOND THE SAME WAY! The stress of the waiting game is killing me. I've never had cheek acne in my life (I'm 26 btw).

Is there possibly a correlation between stress and break outs for NFs? Is there anything you can do to relax and lessen this horrible physiological stress response? How did you fix your acne? I'm trying every possible remedy - creams, a healthier diet, birth control... is there anything you ladies (or men) did that helped your skin? It's already started to scar a bit. :unsure: Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!
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Haha, weird to try and correlate a skin condition with a personality type--that could eventually lead to some... bad things.

Anyway, one, people can be genetically pre-disposed to acne.

Two, stress IS related to acne, because stress causes your body not to function in the way it should.

There are two things you can do that can very much help with acne--this coming from someone who had acne (and not anymore).

First: Drink 8 cups of water a day.

There isn't anything else in the world better for you than drinking enough water a day. I only drink water, and at first it was 8 cups, and now I do 16 cups a day (which is a gallon).

Second: Nature's Cure Two Part Acne Treatment for Women, 60 Tablets and 1 Oz Cream: Beauty

There's one for men and woman. It will dry out your skin and make it flaky (get some lotion) but it works really well.
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