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This is my daily skincare routine. Or at least, the ideal one.

1. Wake up, wash face with facial wash. Apply moisturiser and sunblock.
2. If the above doesn’t happen, and I go out of the house to climb stairs, I just apply sunblock. Then I climb stairs and come back. If I eat after climbing stairs, I will wash my face first to get all the dirt out of my pores when they’re open from exercise.
3. During a shower in the afternoon, use facial wash. Apply moisturiser and sunblock.
4. If I go out that day, upon returning, I take a shower and use facial wash, then apply moisturiser. It’s night or evening by now.
5. If I stay at home, or even if I went out came back showered and my face feels oily, I use facial wash and apply bbcream before sleep at night. Moisuriser on hands.

Face is clear almost every day. :D The most important step in the regime is to wash your face before sleep. Can you imagine? You spend the day typing at your keyboard, touching doorknobs, flushing toilets, etc, then you might touch your face and you go to sleep with all that crap on your face.

Then if you're like me, you have soft toys and bolsters in your bed which you hug, so all the shit gets smeared on them and accumulates over days and you smear it back around the next night.

You brush your teeth every night before bed to get the gunk off, right? Your skin is more sensitive than your teeth so it’s only right to wash the crap off before bed since that’s what you're going to sleep with for 8 hours. So your pores can breathe.

Nowadays, I also pin my hair up so I can wash my neck as well before bed, since I was starting to see a slight two-colour tone between my face and neck. It’s better now! Think it’s the sunblock affecting things.

I usually drink one cup of water after I wake up cos I'm usually thirsty and your body is usually dehydrated after a night of sleep. You lose calories by breathing out and your body is doing a lot of repair work at night.

The only part I might skip is the morning skincare routine because I usually shower in the afternoon, so it’s only a few hours if I'm lazy. Sometimes I also don’t put sunblock after showers when I'm at home cos it does feel a bit weird. But I always have sunblock on if I leave the house. That part is a must.

I also have a deep cleansing mask facial wash, where you put it on and wait a few minutes and it dries, then you wash it off. I use that 2-3 times a week like the back suggests, or when I'm feeling particularly clogged.

I have a few types of cleansers too. A few are milder, where you can feel your face not being as dry after use. The drier ones I use for when my face feels dirty. There’s also cleansers which are make-up removers stated on them. I always make sure all makeup is removed before bed, since I shower after going out anyway, and moisturiser is applied.

I also have eye creams which I sometimes use when the skin there looks horrid. I have body lotions too but I use that on and off. I'm thinking I should apply those more often, but at the moment my body skin is okay I think. And it’s usually under clothes…

Using too much moisturiser is no good too since your skin might stop producing its own. I use a light amount, just enough to coat. Sunblock I smear more on if I'm out for a long time or under hot sun, compared to if I'm wandering around shopping centers.

Good skin is not just genetics, though that plays a part. Skincare, exercise, water, diet, stress levels, etc. a lot of work, k.
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