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Hello other NF's!

I put this in the INFJ section because I realte to the INFJ description best and have been dealing with some issues regarding sleep talking.
or at least I think it is sleep talking.

I have been having some strange insomnia and wandered if any other INFJ's or other NF types have dealt with this.

Here is what is specifically happening to me.
I don't feel like I ever actaully fall asleep these days.
I more or less consistently think I am awake when I am sleeping, and I dream in this state, which is sleeping and have semingly interesting dreams that seem fine and okay, no nightmares or anything.
(although I am looking forward to a night of solid sleep)

anyway. according to my family I have started talking in my sleep.
and not just mumbling but coherent monolouges of my inner thought that I simply speak aloud in my dreams.
this scares me, mainly becuase I am a pretty private person when it comes to my inner world and for me to be sleep talking is just... revealing.
anyone else sleep talk or have experienced anything like this at all?
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I know I talk in my sleep or more like mumble :tongue:
my room is all alone at the other end of the house so i have no idea XD

i had a friend who had insomnia and she told me she also feels like she's never sleeping although she has. and the same has been for me, i remember after a while a dream i just had.

i've noticed though that as i'm laying in bed falling asleep, i'll feel my limbs moving on their own... like my left hand's fingers will spread open or my right hand's index finger will point upwards slowly. and i also wake up with my arms in my clothes. :unsure:
I've been told several times when I slept anywhere but home *because at home I am alone in my bed and the rest of the family rests at the other end of the house* that I talk during my sleep. Fortunately, they can't recognize the language or words at all, but it seemed like I was talking in 'phrases'. If I could talk about what I want in my sleep, at least it would have been easier for me to open up to the others (skipping the strange odd things they would find out).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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