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I built these walls around me to try to keep my purity
I knitted this blanket myself, it's a blanket of security
I grew these plants around me, to give me oxygen to breathe
Though I am shielded in my armour, I still bemoan and seethe
I take comfort in the catacombs, among the listless few
Eternal rest beneath the earth, awaiting life anew
Yet my remains still roam the earth, held in place with paste
Masked by mortal flesh and bone that soon will go to waste
You could have a funeral for me, though I still have vigor
You could hold the gun for me and never pull the trigger
There are no wires upon my home, no connections need be made
Attempting communication, just a bland and false charade
I still trudge along with footsteps, I suppose that's perserverance
And just to cast aside their doubts, I'll keep up the appearance
They'll watch me wince and reach for hope, grasp for something pure
Yet I'm smothered in my own grey thoughts, alone and insecure
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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