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Here are a bunch of pics featuring yours truly. Some are edited because I enjoy playing with the basic editors more than Photoshop, but others are just there. I'm sure you can figure out which is which. :)

An older one where I was experimenting with make up. The eyeshadow is actually a bright green.

Back in the day when I had braces. XD

My beautiful guitar. I love him. <3

The infamous green eyeshadow, mixed with a nice teal and pink under the eyes. Very bright and pretty combination.

Nothing like fake flowers to make a picture more plastic.

I don't remember what I was looking at...

Oooh, something caught my attention.

"Hush, child. Death will come quietly for you."

I see you~

Kiss kiss, lovelies.

Taken today. I like it. :)

Am I cute? Please tell me I'm cute... Pwease?

Taken today and my forum avatar. Staring into space, deep in thought... What am I thinking of? I'm not even sure. XD

My current profile picture, also taken today. I like my tiger. So rawr and stuff. :3
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