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I've done so much research it's all blurred together and I'm nearing frustration. Maybe you can help me:

1. Perceived as warm and able to get along with everyone.
2. Avoids human contact, but once perceived as 'unavoidable' and/or 'necessary' starts conversations with ease and communicates naturally and effectively.
3. Puts great value in personal achievements and/or thoughts/ideas and is eager to share both with others. Feelings surface through this which can cause great joy or personal hurt.

1. Happiness is weighed on a scale of value/achievement/productivity. Self worth directly proportional to perceived personal achievement.
2. Large portion of internal thought processing revolves around problem solving and hypothesizing my own theories that derived from either observation or imaginative what if scenarios. (This includes day dreaming in a way that is constantly being rewritten for the most efficient enjoyment from said day dream)
3. I am most motivated by a personal vision of a successful future self and an immense fear of inadequacy (=failure). My motivation lasts as long as my vision, my dreams, of which change constantly along with my interests. Though as I get older those are starting to stay within the same perimeter of each other. This motivation is used for up keeping or initiating healthy: living (non-suicide/cutting), exercising, college planning, work, family dynamic, socializing.
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