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So I found this post on reddit about smelling someone's fart at work and if it constitutes cheating..

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As strange as it is...any thoughts or concerns or comments? What do you it cheating?
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Here's the link. I've never laughed so hard in my life.
It is wonderful isn't it? At least for laughing.
Oh the wonders of reddit
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Only on reddit can you laugh this hard.
If you think about it, they're just sounds like bellows from a cave.

We humans have a lot of advancing to do.
I only just saw this.

I LOVE farts. They are so funny
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I think you would have to ask the reddit poster. Who knows.
Where is she on the hot/crazy matrix? Same question for the fart.
I count it as cheating too because you are essentially trying to put the other person's fecal matter in your nose. That's what a fart is - little particles of shit floating out into the air and drifting up a nose.
gross but I'd count it as cheating since they enjoy and miss it.

You are not allowed to enjoy anyone else's farts or other...bodily functions, since I'd be your goddess in the relationship and my shit is divine.
We are not...the poster did not specify. Perhaps if he makes an update he'll mention something. I'll be on the look out. That post made me laugh so hard I farted.
Are we sure the fart came out of her ass?
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I didn't know it could be, but apparently it is very popular.

@JennyJukes do you know anyone in scotland like this?
I'm so confused. Is this actually a thing 😳?
This screenshot says "comment as yakahbu_muhmohden_jr" which is the OP name. Also says "share your post to spread the word". Does that mean you wrote this? :unsure:

Anyway it's not cheating in itself but if you're doing something you consider erotic or inappropriate, then it cohld lead to it.

This one is better
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