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Hi all,
Learned about the MBTI existence a while ago, when I was occupied with other stuff I was interested in, so never got to actually do much effort to understand it all. Not until recently, I picked up interest in MBTI, tested INTP on virtually all possible tests, so decided to read up on INTP's on several sites (which mostly is the same scattered over several sites). Also have seen this forum come by on many occasions and felt urged to reply at times, but never got to actually register and do it. Too much hassle I guess.

At the moment I'm 34 years old and have learned/experienced alot about myself and the way my brain seems to work.
It is fun to read so much similarities amongst other INTP's from other parts in the world. I'm from the Netherlands myself.

Well, so much for the duty sense... , hope the forum will not tell me what to do each time I log in, but fair enough, registering and after that writing this introduction seems to be a common habit that makes some sense, for others.

I will be hanging out on the INTP forum parts mainly, for frankly, the rest just interests me less, especially when emotions get involved. :p

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