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So me and my ISFP fiancee have been going back and forth since our relationship started... I should learn to trust my intuition more... I tested 100% on this part of MBTI but I don't know if that adds anything to it.

Soooo... What happened as some have seen me post before on this forum is that my ISFP and I started having problems. I would have no clue how we would get through it but I just FELT and KNEW without a doubt that we would... and we did, time and time and time again and we've drawn closer.

BUT, one day I put my intuition to the test and I said what was on my mind as for how I felt she felt. I told her that she's holding a part of herself back and I can feel it. I think it's because of x and whatever and what not. She hesitantly agreed and said that she is not sure she wants to go through with it because she has been fighting these feelings.

Anyway, long story short, we talked to some good friends and they may a lot of great points. Here is the thing, the meeting we had was set so that she needed to make up her mind BEFORE we went through with it. Well I'm a man and she's woman. I doubt my intuition and although I pickup like any INFJ tons of small details and make a picture from it I started doubting my instincts and gut feelings... I doubted my intuition. I felt and I heard her actions in saying she decided but I doubted it since the meeting was set so that she was to decide. I asked one day if she was still deciding since I didn't want to constantly be bugging her with this but she needed to decide. She said hesitantly she had but.... and the but never got explained.... So last night we were at a restaurant and something happened and I said "If we make it to the wedding then such and such..." She picked up on the "if we make it part" and started questioning why I would say that and if I thought she would go through all that we have gone through in planning if she wasn't going to. I tried to get her to see if from my side but it wasn't working. She started looking back on how much love she has shown me since the meeting, which she has, and also how I mentioned I see she's acting different, which I did. I explained how I wasn't sure... Me doubting m intuition. My intuition said she's good to go, but I was focusing on maybe she's not and doubting it.

Anyway, we're good again and worked it out. I don't have a true point to this post outside of do I blindly trust my intuition? Do other INFJ's go through this? I don't want this to happen again.

My work is currently my next intuition agenda and I KNOW WITHOUT ANY DOUBT THAT IT WILL WORK, but everything in my face and my fiancee face says it won't work out and we won't have money to support ourselves. I own a small company and things are slow and the wedding is approaching. We don't have the money in advance and we are fighting planning things hoping to have the money. It's hard but I really FEEL it will work... So there it is... Whatever you get from it... I feel scatter brained, I think I need sleep.
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