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Sure, but: Femme Fatale, Scorned Woman, Succubus = Sea Monster
Virgin = Earth Mother


I feel like there are different classifications within even the classifications of archetype and you can keep combining and combining until...wait a minute? Is she the Madonna or the Whore? Because mom had to get it on if I'm here right? Unless. *Immaculate Conception*

I think they are somewhat man made. Wanting to determine that people were meaningful to you in separate ways. Obviously you'd want to feel that you had a different bond in place with your daughter than your wife? What else would be keeping life from feeling like a perverse acid trip?

I've always compared that card to the Wise Man. You go deeper, and sexuality and gender don't have to exist at all. If we're always waiting, we're in suspended animation. Do we even actually exist? What's motivating us to?

(^Apparently those columns are a freemason thing too. Lol).

But yea, if you Never see the surface situation for what it is and for what's so presumably obvious, is she an allowance, or a hindrance to just finding direction? :p

And the art was cool. I like pomegranate/heart correlation stuff :)
in tarot the justice/high priestess is my card (theres a slash because some people interpret it differently)
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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