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Does anyone have a link to a good description to what a Social variant of 7w8 looks like, or enough time to write out few words about one? Thank you

INTP 3w4
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"The social 7w8 is a Strategic Planner while the 8w7 is a Confident Initiator." that is sadly the only description I was able to find

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I could ramble about myself... I'll skip that.

Here's a resonable pdf, I copy-pasted the summary lists. I think it'll assist in making you actually read the pdf.

Type #7 Social Subtype


Can be idealistic, sacrificing for a cause they believe in that serves something beyond just themselves

Have a large circle of friends that they share interests, activities and enthusiasms with

Dislike inequality amongst people so strive for an egalitarian group structure – no leaders, no followers

Keep up with what is going on in their community

Excellent social skills and great conversationalists

Are considerate and cooperative but have good boundaries; don’t allow others to control or coerce them

Can be one of the most social, entertaining, humorous and fun-loving types in the Enneagram

They try to ensure that everyone around them or with them has a good time


Inner tension between wanting to act on their good intentions vs. not wanting to give up their freedom

Inner tension between social responsibility to others vs. a strong desire for excitement, adventure, fun

Often get impatient and frustrated by other people’s slower pace; like to take immediate action

Dislike feeling burdened by their obligations and responsibilities; wish they could escape

Can have a difficult time committing and tend to scatter their energy in every direction

Keep a full social calendar but have contingency/back up plans just in case something falls through

Start way more projects than they ever finish because of mental agitation and difficulty concentrating

Resent authority because they see it as unnecessary and just another restriction on their freedom

Can be fickle and cancel appointments if something more exciting or promising comes up

Some are the “life of the party” type who get drunk and disorderly, especially when young and single

At worst, they are irresponsible, rebellious, seek constant variety and get involved with the wrong crowd

Type Seven with an Eight Wing (7w8)

Determined, Earthy, Practical

Exuberant, Gregarious

More Independent, Assertive and Workaholic than 7w6s

Tough-minded and Protective

Self-confident, Enjoy Life Fully

Can be Big-hearted, Generous


Materialistic, Hedonistic, Crude

Aggressive, Boisterous, Selfish
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