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Hello! I am a passionate UX designer, psychology enthusiast, veteran gamer who is currently leading a large project of developing a social app, that aims to facilitate communication, reduce conflict, misunderstandings and encourage the path towards personal development for gamers and fantasy enthusiasts that is inspired by fantasy RPG archetypes and the Hero's Journey monomyths. The goal is to make an app that reveals the users personalities using a similar methodology of those of the Tritype, but framed in a fantasy-friendly mindset. Users will receive a character which reflects their personality and be able to accumulate various visual achievements based on the unique characteristics of their social network.

As the prototype it is now, the core test is very simplified. I am in the process of improving the accuracy of the test by making more in-depth and objective. I am also currently searching for a programmer who is able to help me implement the social database.

I kindly ask you to try out my personality app prototype and post your fantasy archetype in the comment section and see how close this relates with your tritype. You can also navigate to other profiles by clicking on the arrows in the result screen. Feel free to suggest improvements or thoughts.

Q: What do the stats in the Unique Ability mean?
A: Each value or class has its unique stat. The unique ability reflects the personality of the archetype and what fulfills the need of the archetype.

#: Value - Class - Stat
1: Order - Knight - Accuracy
2: Contribution - Supporter - Health
3: Success - Rogue - Agility/Speed
4: Passion - Artist - Luck
5: Intellect - Mage - Intellect
6: Security - Guardian - Defense
7: Adventure - Bard/Dancer - Dexterity
8: Strength - Warrior - Strength
9: Harmony - Priest - Spirit
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