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I should mention that I'm not generally fond of ever being touched. However, I was thinking about touches in general, knowing we can't avoid them all, and the following thought occured to me.

I was thinking about how people react to being touched by others, specifically when that other party has just recently touched specific areas of their body. For instance; let's say that someone has just recently used a couple fingers to scratch behind their earlobe, and then they touch you on your hand. Would you be slightly repulsed? Had you just scratched yourself there, you would not view your hand as unclean, but theirs just might be. But when you do it, it's ok, because your ear is just fine. Right? Sure, you feel your hand and your earlobe is clean, so it doesn't occur to you. When that touch comes from someone else though, you might be repulsed, or at least consciously aware of their "un-clean" hand. There are several areas of the body that we might refer to as unsafe zones. For instance, another unsafe zone might be between your thighs even when you're wearing pants. If you touch this area, and then touch someone else, they just might be repulsed, or at least consciously concerned.

Two modes of perception might be involved in this "re-touch" reaction. First, you might be thinking to yourself that you are unsure of how clean the other party is. Secondly, and I believe more probable, is not that their hand isn't clean, but rather, it's just knowing that the hand now touching you had just recently touched a part of their body that you wouldn't normally touch - a no-touchy zone if you will.

So, I refer to this action and reaction as the "re-touch from a non-safe zone". In fact, further, I believe there are very few parts of the body most minds would consider safe-zone re-touches. The first safe zone is obviously your hands. Rub both of your hands together, and then touch someone else. They are not nearly as repulsed. We touch each other with our hands all the time. Which truly speaks to this whole paradox since it's the hands that are usually the most germ infested part of our exernally interactive body parts. Not to mention the fact that you can never really be sure where they were touching themselves before you even saw them. They may have just gone hog-wild touching themselves in the most unusual places. But, if you didn't know that beforehand, and they touched you hand to hand, or on the shoulder, you would be perfectly unsuspecting.

Here's my general list of zones, and if you can touch them or not, and then touch someone else (all areas listed below reference a fully clothed person);

1.) Your hands are safe! Rub your hands together and touch someone, they'll be fine with it!
2.) Your "outer" arms are safe. Don't reach under, or you're in an un-safe re-touchable zone.
3.) Your chin and cheeks are fine, but not your eyes, ears or hair. One quick flick in those areas is ok, but scratch or dig, and the jig is up.
4.) Your neck is fine, but not the back of it. Worried they are sweating back there or something?
5.) Your outer thighs are fine. But, don't reach inside and then touch someone, good heavens no.
6.) Your knees and calves are safe. Either side is ok to scratch and then re-touch. But never your feet.
7.) Your chest is safe if you're male. Your breast if you're female, but only when re-touching a straight male.
8.) Your stomach and lower back are fine, but not after digging in the naval area (yes, even clothed).

Maybe you've got some other areas that you find are un-safe re-touchable zones? Which areas? And, why?

Remember, this is not a list of areas where you don't want to be touched.
This is a list of areas where someone else can not touch themselves and then touch you.


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If I hadn't spent so much time in places with no running water as well as laying sewage-pipes and connecting them to existing sewage-system (litterally a shitty job) in my own country not to mention some utterly disgusting toilets or no toilet at all, then I guess it might upset me more.
On the other hand when some parents plant their kids' behind on the counters at McDonald's I do get upset though I don't say anything. The counters are meant for food and even though I know the employees always place the food on trays it none the less annoys me and I silently agree with customers who do utter their opinion when seeing this.
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