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I think the best way to type yourself is by reflecting your relationship with every type.

Using socionics Calculator as a basis,

Write down the nearest type you think you are, then type all the 16types here and your relationship with each type plus percentage.

Your type:

1~16 (relationship): (percentage)

Here's the socionics Calculator :


After that reflect if how you behave with the person possessing each type matches with the percentage and inter-type relationship status


So ILe:

1. ILI (intj/mbti intp)- Mirror: 80%

> yes i really hang out with ili very well irl

2. ILE (entp) - Identical: 91%

> probably lol i don't know because I'm a girl. I only know ile males. But ile in real life is very nice and easy to talk.and they're funny

3. ESE (esfj)- Activity: 89%

> esfj likes me. And yes xD irl, i had two esfjs hangout like one esfj and her family with me hangout in one smug place with her kids xD and then i also had accompanied my esfj friend in one country because she likes me lol xD

4. SEI (isfj) - Dual: 100%

> I don't know about this

5. LSI (istj/mbti istp) - Supervisory: 41%

> yes lol xD this is quite accurate because one istp which is also a programmer likes me and look up to me asking me stuffs because he thinks I'm good lol xD

6. LSE (estp) - Look-a-like: 57%

> yesss. Lol. Estps. Hang out very well

7. EIE (enfj) - Benefactor: 39%

> lol Benefactor? XD in romance side, i just realized that eie likes me because i don't know xD but yeah. I sometimes think they're just using me tehe like I'm always there for them but then, it seems like i don't get anything. They like the way i am.

8. IEI ( INfP/mbti infj) - Illusionary: 59%

> yeah make sense now

9. LSE (estj) - Beneficiary: 43%

> probably Because of Te. At my workplace, me estj boss doesn't really like me but i somehow tries to please him? Because he's a boss duhh. But I'm really amazed of how he use Te. Like he's able to think stuffs i totally overlook in the programs i create.

10. ESI ( isfj/mbti isfp) - Conflicting: 0%

> i Dunno. But i had conflicts with my sister when i was a kid we always hurt each other like we totally bleed. XD

11. SEE (esfp) - Super ego:27%

> hmmm. XD actually esfp have really different kind of friends. like I don't have esfp.. Oh i had one. She called me bff. But she's just using me basically because i was popular back then and she loses her friends and it's either she'll hangout with FJ types which she hates or me. But then we really don't have anything in common aside from friends and that's all. Just only friends but one on one, it's really awkward. It's all about her.

12. LIE (ENTJ) - quasi identical - 18%

> wakaranai

13. ILI (intp/ mbti intj) - Contrary: 18%


14. EII (infj/ mbti infp) - Supervisee: 36%

> hmmm. Probably xD oh yeah even on forums some infp asks me for advices probably that's it

15. IEE(enfp) - kindred: 57%

> yes lol xDD

16. SLI (istp/mbti istj) - Semi dual: 59%

> my last real life crush was istj he likes me very much i swear xDDD Damn i don't actually know if he's isfj? Hmmm. XD

Probably isfj omggg he's my dual?? He's really amused at me i swear specially when i talk.. XDD like i like how he smiles and just aaawwwwwww. XD It's gone now. Too bad.


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I think the best way to type yourself is by reflecting your relationship with every type.
But if those other people are mistyped too, the whole premise falls apart.

IMO this method is just too subjective overall. It needs at least some form of objective grounding.

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I am officially impressed! I have just tried this percentage decrease calculator and it is absolutely stunning! Using it is like rediscovering your own personality again. I also like how it is very precise and simple to handle. What type have you been associated to. According to the calculator I am a hopeless optimistic extrovert and I have to confess that is absolutely true)). You should give it a try when you find yourself bored and in need of a small relief from the daily chores.
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