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Intuitive- logical introvert: CRITICISMS

View in OR calm, a little sad, cold, suspended, pensive. At times - self-centered, at times experiencing, sufficiently scattered. Now and then the expression of its eyes becomes mocking and sly, then in them luster appears. Eyes more frequent large and store the concentrated expression.
Mimicry in OR is sufficiently monotonous, frequently there is the dissatisfied or sad expression of face. The smile of politeness does not sometimes correspond to situation, only artificial, but soft and locating, now and then even coquettish. It is usually calm and sad, but if something sees which does not please itself it, it occurs ironic, rarely - even it is sarcastic.
He appears OR in the majority of the cases by man balanced, serious and deep. The motions are smooth, are leisurely, weakened. Gait a little acted unsure, although it is held with the merit. The gestures are modest, are nedemonstrativnye as entire manner of behavior. Poses weakened, unconstrained. Usually it is leisurely, it loves to have a talk. Speech in it is smooth, is a little monotonic.


Intuitive subtype appears by the calm, balanced, even sluggish person. Motions are smooth and are leisurely. It is internally shy, but he tries to hide this under the mask of irony. It is tactful, polite, punctilious. He tries in the conversation to avoid straightness and criticism. It is affable and amiable, but rarely it smiles. It is frequently something it is depressed, dissatisfied. It is internally very touchy, contradictory even we wound, although this tries not to demonstrate. From this it is frequently in the poor arrangement of spirit. Second reason - health status. It discusses its problems with the strangers not frequently, it is held with the people on the distance, it is sufficiently reserved. It loves to converse, to tell anything. It possesses a good descriptive thinking, much reads or reflects. Sometimes - it is high, thin and round-shouldered, sometimes - it is slender, but it is always important-looking. Gait and motions are smooth, only being swung.

Logical subtype produces the impression of confident in itself, sober-minded and reasonable person. It sometimes seems haughty, mocking. It is usually amiable, frequently it smiles, but smile seems monotonous, that thickened. It possesses a feeling of humor and a critical turn of mind. It is skeptical, ironic and distrustful. He tries to be polite and therefore it does not always voice aloud its thoughts and observations. Entire constantly is subjected to the analysis. It entrusts more to numbers and facts, than to precocious conclusions. A good innovator, knows how to isolate the main thing and to leave from the matters useless from his point of view. More frequently there is plumpish and thickset; however, gait usually rapid, and motion goal-directed and decisive. It can gesticulate, it occurs irregular, impulsive, but it is usually held solidly, with the calm merit.

1. Introverted intuition

Introverted intuition in ILIs is predominantly characterized by well developed imaginative abilities and mental wanderings. ILI often spend a great deal of time simply thinking and may spend excessive amounts of time in their mind. This mental focus can be manifest by reflecting on scenarios, on pondering bodies of information, and assorted concepts of interest. They may be prone to excessive day dreaming, in creation of intricate inner worlds or universes, or on considering their past or future. ILIs may even have novelistic tendencies where they create intricate plots, characters, and places. However, ILIs are not always inclined to share their imaginative tendencies or thoughts with others.
ILIs are naturally attuned to hidden connections between things and hints of greater implications in everyday reality. They easily recognize patterns of events, repeating outcomes, and contradictory messages. This understanding of global patterns and human behavior often allows ILIs to critically analyze present situations and determine the immediate and far-reaching consequences of certain actions. The mind of an ILI is an oasis of sorts where knowledge is treated as a toy or even a vehicle that allows them to visit complex mental landscapes that are shaped and continually revised by new information. Nonetheless, an ILI is likely to find the process of accumulating new information tiresome compared to their mental explorations; consequently, new information is often accumulated and updated in a rather lethargic, periodic, and occasionally incomplete fashion.
ILIs are often stereotypically represented as reclusive scholars, philosophers, scientists, artists, seers, and sages. The ILI, with their often unusual perceptions, may come across as unreachable, esoteric eccentrics. Because ILIs are confident about analyzing the implications of the knowledge that they have gathered, ILIs often appear perceptive, especially in fields of interest, and commonly tend to view the ideas of others with skepticism and scrutiny. ILIs may perceive others' intellectual contributions as deeply misguided or limited in scope.
ILIs predict inevitable disaster not altogether infrequently. This type of fatalism is spurned by their ability to see the negative in anything, which has its roots in the ILI's general dislike of expressing or reinforcing positive emotions. To an ILI, it may be easier to predict pessimistic results in order to avoid an unpleasant emotional reaction. Likewise, the ILI's sense of general self doubt leads him to be very conservative in his general outlook; why unnecessarily subject oneself to the uncertainty of possible disappointment?
ILIs typically exhibit a general detachment from day-to-day affairs. While an ILI might devote a great deal of time to pondering the possible consequences of some political decision, very little attention is likely to be paid to such tasks as household maintenance or cleanliness, which the ILI sees as trivial matters not deserving his time or effort.
ILIs can, in certain situations, act very tentatively. In many situations they are inclined to hesitate prior to taking any action or making important decisions. They may also prefer to observe and gather an understanding of a situation rather than actively participate. The ILI's restraint complements the hyperactivity of his dual, the SEE.
2. Extroverted logic

ILIs place great importance on factual accuracy and a basic understanding of how things work. They may be inclined to look down on or pity people who consistently demonstrate ignorance of what they consider to be basic, essential facts. It is often also very important to ILIs that a person's beliefs take into account any new factual information. For this reason, ILI's are often characterized by a nagging and constant sense of doubt, contradiction, and misinformation. They tend to be rather skeptical of other people's positions, and even frequently tend to question their own position. In groups the ILI will often question the validity of information being exchanged. Likewise, many ILIs may often use a mocking and aggressive tone if they believe that the information being presented is wrong or absurd. ILIs can also be scrupulous in removing errors in facts and statistical data, especially in undertakings that they consider as high priorities. ILIs may brush off failure unconcernedly, viewing it as merely a necessary misstep on the road towards success.
A sense of the efficiency of the goings-on in an ILI's life is a prerequisite of sorts for the peace of an ILI. This manifests very differently in ILIs from SLIs; the latter are much more likely to be proactive about making their physical environment comfortable and managed with an efficient use of resources. By contrast, ILIs are largely indifferent about their physical surroundings, and their desire for efficient allocation of resources may extend to less tangible forms, such as the allocation of resources in a game or real world political (ideological) scenario, or the efficiency of a computer program or corresponding piece of code. An ILI may demonstrate perfectionistic tendencies most conspicuously in such situations where they can work out the details in their head or on paper.
ILIs may differ significantly from dominant types in that they may not see it as critical to channel their energy on direct actions to achieve practical and societal gain, and indeed may not even pursue the accumulation of new information very actively. ILIs may not directly associate their knowledge with any given purpose rather than to further their own understanding. Sometimes ILIs do use their knowledge towards specific purposes, but such knowledge is not always considered a means to an end. When ILIs are required to pursue practical knowledge required for some aspect of their functioning -- such as how to fill out a series of bureaucratic forms -- sometimes ILIs embrace this information and quickly assimilate every aspect of it. Probably more often, however, ILIs will be disinterested and spurn this activity to whatever extent possible.
Often ILIs have a deep factual understanding of subjects or specialized fields of interest which they find interesting or care about. Even so, however, ILIs are typically more interested in Sometimes ILIs perceive the real-world occurrences around them, such as the daily tedium of work or school, through the lens created to understand the information that they care about most, although they may choose not to share this perception with others. They often have little to contribute in many social situations, but when the topic of their interest comes around they may tend to be the center of attention, disseminating the information of their expertise.
ILI humor is typically coated with irony, cynicism, witticisms, and sarcasm. When provoked, an ILI can engage in highly toxic sarcasm where the offender's intelligence is insulted and reviled. In such situations, the ILI can be seen by others as cold and malicious, but the ILI will generally see himself as simply punishing an obnoxious individual who has demonstrated his foolishness.
ILIs can often be highly critical of others' ideas and actions. Typically this is because others' ideas violate the ILI's understanding of the facts, or because ILIs see more efficient or workable solutions. ILIs often channel their energy towards constructive criticism because they frequently lack the initiative to take decisive action themselves.
Super-Ego block

3. Introverted sensing

ILIs generally place moderate to minimal importance on such matters as cleanliness, comfort, and sensory stimuli. Some ILIs may perceive these elements as a distraction. It is not atypical of ILIs to be completely uninterested by and unable to find any value in something such as a piece of fine artwork. Different ILIs respond to different such artistic stimuli in different ways; for example, an ILI might scorn painting as being worthless but possess sufficient background to enjoy other media, such as sculpture or music.
ILIs are often uncertain about the messages that their own body sends them. An ILI might feel some irregularity in their own body and be unsure as to its significance in the overall functioning of the body. An ILI will seek to determine the consequence of such stimuli through their own understanding of the functioning of the human body... often with minimal success at determining the true cause, and often blowing things significantly out of proportion. An ILI's sense of self doubt may lead to such assumptions as the presence of a brain tumor as the result of a mere headache. In contrast to types, ILIs are significantly less adept at making active adjustments to their lifestyle to correct these minor ailments.
ILIs are very capable of placing a moderate life focus on maintaining their physical comfort. ILIs often construct a lifestyle based on various activities which feed their own intellectual stimulation; though attention to maintaining comfortable surroundings is likely to be ignored inasmuch as it interferes with the ILI's deep interests, ILIs generally will not ignore their own comfort entirely, as some attentiveness to it goes hand in hand with their inactive lifestyle. However, in doing so, ILIs often still neglect the world around them and become consistently mired in their own inertia, and are liable to perceive something as missing.
ILIs often feel very hesitant and resistant towards lifestyle changes that threaten the commodiously constructed surroundings that they create for themselves. Nobody is better suited to opening the ILI for change than the hyperactive SEE, whose constant activity is perceived by the ILI as refreshingly active.
4. Extroverted ethics

ILIs analyze situations and make decisions in a very logical and scientific manner. Their reliance on objectivity and accumulation of factual knowledge leaves very little room for decisions based on emotional considerations. ILIs deeply dislike being asked or coerced to express their emotions. They are most comfortable expressing negative sentiments which indicate their disdain for required emotional participation, such as wry, sardonic pessimism. Some ILIs have very poor control over their emotions, and may lash out angrily if provoked.
When discussing matters that are perceived as important, ILIs often betray a harsh, critical perspective on viewpoints and ideas that they find particularly stupid and insensible. This may be a result of the fact that some ILIs do not attach emotional considerations to arguments and do not consider criticism to be offensive. Instead, if confronted with somebody whose intelligence, persona, or ideas they do not respect, they may react in a hostile fashion, which can be perceived as arrogant; however, not all ILIs, obviously, will react in this fashion.
ILIs' reactions to the sphere of emotions can vary greatly, but they are particularly apparent in the sphere of social relations. ILIs are typically not social creatures. Some ILIs do not understand the importance of social connections and choose to ignore the area of emotional involvement with others altogether, instead delving themselves into virtual reality, mystical introspection, or private study. Some others trudge through the social landscape without truly understanding the art of socialization, particularly in areas such as common courtesy to others and precautions from offending others. ILIs may view people people who try to make other people happy as foolishly involving themselves in a completely pointless exercise.
ILIs tend to be unconfident and often nervous about interacting with other people, often because they do not heed the rules of social interaction and can feel that they are not socially respected. Only with a small number of people whom the ILI trusts deeply does the ILI let down his emotional guard. To these people, the ILI can be surprisingly sincere and kind. Nonetheless, typically, to the mass people that the ILI does not trust completely and unequivocally he will never have significant interactions with, and will be little more than a common acquaintance.
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5. Extroverted sensing

ILIs are often characterized by their inertia. If left to their own devices, ILIs may choose to do relatively little to interact with the outside world. When they do interact with the outside world, ILIs often find their activities to be empty and unfulfilling. To ILIs, life is often characterized by periods of stimulation. For the ILI, however, true stimulation is often spontaneous, and interludes between periods of stimulation are often characterized by tedium, inertia, and apathy. ILIs are often not very adept at finding new areas of interest, and may seek to continue to reproduce past experiences instead of moving on to new things. In order to break out of this cycle, ILIs require an outside stimulus of spontaneity and activity. With such a degree of spontaneity introduced into their lives, the tedium and perceived meaninglessness is replaced by a constant state of activity in which the ILI can experience new things and escape from the confines of his own mind.
ILIs are additionally very indecisive. They may lack the ability to make important decisions, especially with regards to their own future. ILIs do not always necessarily know what they want out of life and may have difficulty setting or achieving long term goals. In order to be able to act, the ILI needs a tangible and definite stimulus from somebody well grounded in external reality and who has a clear picture of what must be done in a certain situation.
ILIs may perceive work-related or intellectual pursuits as being of great long-term importance, but such interests are often not perceived as possessing great importance in the short term and rarely suffice as a true replacement for the discomfort that an ILI may feel at his lack of decisiveness or inertia.
6. Introverted ethics

ILIs tend to deeply value feelings of attachment to those whom engage them in a deep and lasting emotional kinship. They have a hard time establishing these sentiments as they are naturally disinterested in most people, who seem outwardly unremarkable or having nothing in common with them. However, when the ILI has developed deep interpersonal bonds, they tend to hold on to such attachments very deeply. ILIs are almost always deeply unconfident about their social abilities and, consequently, they rarely speak of their inner bonds with others to common outsiders with whom they share merely superficial acquaintanceships. Feelings of this sort are rarely talked about with others, but the ILI may be painfully aware of these sentiments for fear of appearing overly sentimental or having feelings that are "out of line" or inappropriate to their present level of social interaction. ILIs may tend to love from afar and in their solitude if there is something or someone they love, because of their lack of confidence in their own feelings. Some ILIs may even be closet romantics. ILIs can also be quite sensitive, despite their outward emotional reservation, and are sometimes far more emotionally vulnerable than they demonstrate.
In general, ILIs are fundamentally good-natured and conscionable people who may place a great deal of importance on ethical principles. In fact, ILIs may have a very strong sense of good will and loyalty towards others if they find the others to be similarly reasonable, trustworthy worthy individuals. ILIs do not always demonstrate this loyalty explicitly. As a consequence, ILIs are not always seen as kind people, instead more typically appearing standoffish, cold, or hostile. If ILIs are drawn in by sincere and engaging individuals, the ILI's sense of compassion may be realized and so surface. ILIs can be calm, attentive, and sympathetic listeners to the plights of their emotionally volatile duals, and can be very drawn to the state of deep bonds that they feel with them.
Many less actualized ILIs hold a far more vindictive attitude. This occurs, among other scenarios, when ILIs are depressed about people, and especially when ILIs are suffering from a lack of support from others. In these scenarios the ILI may aggressively attack people's intelligence, ideas, or character rather unrelentlessly. Even so, such actions may precipitate conflict which the ILI is liable to find highly tiresome and frustrating -- as well as blurring the ILI's mental image of the facts, thus making him feel as though his work is unfinished. Such people who have been blacklisted are often in the ILI's eyes very deserving of this role, but the ILI may find that other people do not agree and faces the choice of either withdrawing in order to avoid interacting with the object of derision, or else continuing to interact, thus perpetuating the process and compounding the ILI's frustration. Such judgments may be very difficult to extricate from the ILI; such a process requires a copious amount of often thankless moral support and truth; SEEs are the only persons equipped for this task, and may in their occasional naivete of others' motivations benefit from the ILI's rather harsh stances. Typically, however, if the ILI is engaged with people with whom he feels very close and who accept his observations, explanations, and expositions (his mental image of the facts, as it were), he sees little need to interact with such individuals that would inspire his aggression.
ILIs rarely, if ever, take it upon themselves to display emotional, social, or physical initiative. To engage other people, especially in unfamiliar circumstances, can be a harrowing task for ILIs, and one from which most ILIs usually try to refrain. Nonetheless, ILIs are often treated with uncertainty or dubitation by most others due to their large inability to give off clear emotional data; ILIs may appear overly polite, formal, and robotic in social situations. ILIs seeking emotional ties with individuals may find themselves forced to take the initiative with others, a task for which even friendly ILIs are poorly equipped and bogged down with uncertainty. Even when ILIs do take some initiative upon themselves, they almost never succeed in reaching a depth of emotional connection which satisfies them.
Realization and development of in ILIs, as a weak and unconscious function, represents a process of growth. Some ILIs with minimally developed can be far less aware of the importance of lasting emotions, and can appear far more insensitive, unfriendly, and antagonistic.
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7. Extroverted intuition

Although ILIs may have the ability to brainstorm and develop lots of new and unconventional ideas, doing so may not always come naturally to them. In contrast to leading types, ILIs are likely to be relatively immotile in the ideas that they consider. Whereas leading types may jump from idea to idea in succession, ILIs are likely to focus more closely on a more limited batch of mental themes. ILIs are also often critical of new ideas which do not correspond to their overall understanding of a subject.
ILIs often believe that a well developed understanding of a situation is of greater importance than a deep understanding of the potential outcomes. To an ILI, it would be a silly exercise to simply list a number of possible outcomes without considering the likelihood of their realization and why they may or may not come to pass.
ILIs may be more apt to take a more practical or imagination-oriented approach to evaluating the outside world. They are unlikely to generate ideas simply for the sake of generating new and unusual ideas, but may seek to instead expand upon aspects of their own internal realities -- such as thinking of possible characteristics or plots for inner mental universes. Additionally, they may seek to exert their mental faculties to deal with ideas in the real world, such as those pertaining to areas like economics, politics, or anything regarding the development of modern society.
ILIs often have difficulty adapting themselves to new intellectual interests. They instead seek to limit the amount of new information that they have to learn. Consequently, they may recycle interests until the same interests become a drudgery, even so much that intellectual progress becomes stunted.
8. Introverted logic

ILIs naturally possess a strong command of logical systems such as formal logic and mathematics. However, they tend to be very skeptical of extensively systematic explanations of real-world phenomena. While they readily acknowledge the usefulness of many proven systematic, mathematical, and symmetrical systems in science, they tend to be disdainful of theoretical and practical models that describe an absolute reality or that do not have some empirical basis. The ILI vision of reality, scientific, philosophical, or otherwise, is that of one self-contained universe of too many processes and mysteries to count.
ILIs often reject absolutist explanations, and often fall into a constant cycle of dynamically reevaluating their informational outlook (ie "this may change, but at the moment i sort of am inclined to think the facts suggest that droog is better than blinth, despite these plausible alternative interpretations").
In relation to socionics in particular, ILIs often adamantly reject or do not consider of much importance certain extensively systematic and unproven aspects of the theory, such as Supersocion theory.
Male portrait

Youth BALZAC, regardless of this fact slender to you fell copy or plotnen'kiy, it resembles the small boy, who grew to the dimensions of an adult. It can be, this is connected with the fact that in the childhood such boys strike those surrounding by outstanding mind and not with respect to the age with early encyclopaedic education. After becoming accustomed to the enthusiasm and praises of adults, they so preserve on their face the expression, characteristic for the child prodigy.
A ILI is always calm and imperturbable, phlegmatic and pensive. The distinguishing feature of the face of an ILI male are the clever, sad eyes, complete of hopeless skepticism, frequently surrounded by shadows. Men of this type frequently favor dark colors in clothing, such as dark blue with gray or brown with black. Long hair among men of this type is commonplace. Of course, you can also meet male ILIs with a more traditional short haircut.
Figure in representatives of this type of the most frequently indeterminate forms, with the rounded arms, inclined to the completeness. Even if in the youth BALZAC dealt with sport, after thirty small BALZAC nevertheless becomes plotnen'kim, and large heavy. Sometimes, however, are encountered sufficiently pulled BALZACS, which are succeeded in preserving podzharost' not only in the youth, but also at the ripe age. But such comparatively a little.
In spite of their polnovatost' and imposing overall sizes, BALZACS do not produce the impression of steady people. To easily move them or to go around. They as do not occupy space, but even if they occupy, then easily they slide on it, as large balloon slides along the floor.
In childhood, boys of this type are often very gifted. They are rapid and clever, read a lot and it is properly absorbed by the process of the knowledge of peace. In their head, an enormous quantity of information from vastly different regions is accumulated. However, in school they are always in the background, do not hurry to advertise their richest knowledge, and do not attempt to draw attention to themselves. And although boys of this type are not characterized by zeal and accuracy, they learn most frequently lustrously, especially those, in whom there is healthy ambition.
As a rule, with the age mind in BALZACS anywhere does not get to, but only it increases in the sizes. Proportionally to it in it grow malice, witticism and craftiness. BALZAC is capable to foresee the course of events and to count, what benefit one or other enterprise, will bring to him. It is possible to rely to its forecasts and actually, if only it will want to share with you with its considerations.
The fact is that BALZACS do not know how to be energetic even they do not hope that they will hear them, and therefore they do not hurry to tie by others their opinion. But it in them there is and, as a rule, completely expert, especially on those questions, by which they are occupied professionally or which relate to the sphere of their widest enthusiasm.
The representatives of this type have completely special interrelations in the course of time. They see it as the actually existing substance, know how to work with it. Their consciousness is capable of sliding along the time axis forward in the future and back into the past. They live in the time and badly they understand, why others do not use its possibility.
BALZAC is burdened by the slowness of the flow of all possible processes, although by itself anywhere does not hurry and is produced the impression of sluggish lout. A man of this type can indifferently sit in an armchair, reading captivating books, and then instantly to arise, to be gathered in any three-five minutes and to leave the house in the time assigned.
BALZACS nedemonstrativny are taciturn, they with the pleasure are occupied by the dear matter, sitting in any quiet angle - in the library or in the Internet, where they feel themselves as fish in the water (house or on the work - nevertheless). They do not suffer from the absence of society. Them little interest people, most important for them - so that their mind would be in constant creative stress. But if worthy collocutor is located, an ILI can spend hours with them discussing an interesting topic. He is inclined on the removed philosophical reasonings and, as a rule, he goes from the gornikh apexes of intellect.
Man BALZAC badly understands, as to develop relations with the opposite floor and even more badly is oriented in the world of feelings; therefore it is held exactly and indifferently. He and itself does not understand, as it occurs pulled in the relations, and it notes problem only if it is necessary already something with this to make - to be married or to scatter.
Because men of this type badly are oriented in love, they behave extremely carefully. They experience what their to uselessly ask, feelings - they and same this do not know. One should be oriented in the matters. But also to assume the solution they do not love, trying to move this to the female partner. By them responsibility does not please itself to take to itself - indeed best anything with it are visible the negative consequences of the development of situation, which it always occurs for some reason more than positive. Briefly, resoluteness and certainty of women in the relations with BALZAC is greeted.
If your partner is an ILI, you can sleep quietly - materially your family will be provided for. The spectrum of professions for BALZACS is sufficiently great. They will always find the method to obtain money, too without being killed on the work or after seeking out to themselves profitable not on the staff occupation. Some of them, after earning the decent sum of money, make possible for themselves sometimes to rest the houses of three or four months, giving self up to intellectual searches. But to this it is possible not to turn attention, you will not remain without the means to existence. - not earlier and not later in the necessary time - BALZAC will find the method to earn the following party of money. For example, participating in any intellectual games of the type "that? Where? When?" or "its game", where it is possible to win money.
There are among the representatives of this type such, who start their business. They very successfully manage it, especially if the next good partners, who can take upon themselves predstavitel'skiye functions, serve as face of firm, associate with the clients. Itself BALZAC prefers to work after the sequence, does not love and frequently it cannot force himself to ring on the telephone, even if this is necessary from the work.
Housework, way of life too do not draw the attention of this man. It feels sorry forces and time about that in order to introduce no one not necessary, from its point of view, order - and so good, provided there would be sufficiently interesting virtual life. So that do not await, that it will actively investigate the everyday problems. While the ILI father loves to joke and frequently is friends with his children, he frequently believes that his main task is their intellectual development.
It avoids (because greatly it does not love) the stormy manifestation of feelings and noisy companies with empty, senseless trepom. Bright emotions from the side of other people are also not borne for it, so that do not try to develop drama before it and the tragedies, which, as it is considered, very to face to woman. If you are excessively be fascinated by such adapted to stage ideas or too frequently explain relations, once it simply will disappear from your horizon. But if it already became your husband, then it will feel itself by immeasurably unhappy.
But it is here so that you would not feel yourselves unhappy with BALZAC, you should learn to inspire and to activate him, because it sticks in the matters and frequently one cannot force itself to in time undertake the necessary actions. It does not have any to this not of enthusiasm, not determination, and therefore it should be stimulated from without. Otherwise it will always know how to prove to you that there is no possibility whatever to carry out the vain and unnecessary matter, which you planned.

Female portrait

The appearances of girls of this type are very different, which means that to describe one concrete type is practically impossible. The most commonly shared facial feature among female ILIs, are dark circles under the eyes. There is not a common build among female ILIs. Due to the diverse appearance of representatives of this type, it is not possible to identify members of this type according to physical appearance.
Like their male counterparts, female ILIs tend to prefer clothes in dark, inconspicuous colors, such as dark-blue, gray, brown, and black. In combination with the circles under the eyes described above this mysterious girl, perhaps, better than others personifies in herself the spirit of third kvadry, which is evinced by the twilight state of consciousness for face of two it is world - real and beyond. In it there is something mystical, which gives off the impression that she knows something. . .
BAL'ZACHKA does not love to be separated. It is held modestly, as in the shadow, never it jumps out either to the front lines or to the barricades. However, sharp, critical mind and staggering capability for foresight become noticeable sufficiently rapidly - when you begin to associate with this girl in the matter.
For it is characteristic skeptical attitude according to the relation literally to everything. No enthusiasm, the enthusiastic viewpoint, stormy emotions. It - observer, skeptic, and its forecasts more frequently bear the vividly painted negative nature, although she itself calls their common sense.
With its entire softness and friendliness, it is completely limited well by small company or with one or two girl friends and does not suffer from this. In this case it not to away support company, at times it loves to be with the people, however, its environment - these are always clever, intellectual, developed people, with which there is about which to have a talk. Areas where there is much noise and laughter, but there is no sense whatever, rapidly annoy members of this type. if under the effect of the fact that then accepted, they nevertheless walk there, then majority of them is restored after this day or two.
BAL'ZACHKA, as a rule, produces the impression of the well brought up girl, does not allow for itself special roughness in the expressions, although at times, if strongly is angered to whose- that bluntness, completely it can use nonstandard vocabulary with the special, refined toxicity. This it has this evil humor, but it is sufficiently ridiculous.
Generally with the manner characteristic of them everything to criticize and to be to everything in the opposition, from BAL'ZACHEK frequently it is possible to hear the excited hissing on one or other occasion or another: "well, the same is impossible! It is impossible!" By them it is difficult to assume that people, in fact, can be such foolish, which cannot foresee to two steps forward of the consequence of its actions.
BAL'ZACHKA itself visualizes well situation with all its potentials, and he knows, as it will be developed, to there are many steps forward. It everything approaches thought-out and never it will begin to connect its fate with the man, who will not be able to justify its hopes. She solidly knows that, in order to create family and to bring children, are necessary money and apartment, but completely not sincere languor, physical attractiveness or irresistable charm of partner, as the girls of some other types consider.
Specifically, because of their pragmatism these girls rarely remain some, without the family. They, as a rule, do not have overstated ideas about itself and too romantic requirements for the partner. This makes possible for them sufficient sensibly to regard at itself, so also at its elect. But since they have enough mind not to advance to the foreground to its intellectual ability, they successfully are succeeded in going around man prejudice, that the woman must not be too clever. BAL'ZACHKA can completely quietly be located next to the man and independently make the thought-out decisions by any everyday situations - and it will not note that its companion is clever it. Generally it can seem it that the matters are done themselves or that all this - its merit.
A female ILl not only is clever, but is even careful and farsighted. It never will make nothing such, which would be wrapped up by it into the harm. And if partner does not arrange it in by something essential, then he, sooner or later, it will be without the special regrets left as unpromising. Certainly, this does not mean that BAL'ZACHKI cannot love, simply they understand well, to what extent is important material of aspect of life, and they cannot but consider it with the selection of partner. Even if you it seems that BAL'ZACHKA agreed to the "paradise in the hut", you will look at its partner. There can be it thus far another student, but it is possible that it has already long ago examined in it promising husband with the great career possibilities and, it goes without saying, by money.
With the acquaintance with BAL'ZACHKOY it does not be worthwhile to too strongly choke from the laughter - so you will not produce to it a good impression. It is better to make rate to the intellect and witticism, this will find in representatives of this type response and understanding, and they will be assured that in vain they do not lose with you time. Work above your exterior view and state of soul - these girls please themselves the prestige, but not too rasfufyrennye partners. If acquaintance took place and relations began to be developed, avoid any dramatizations and try as it is possible to more rarely explain relations.
The fact is that will give to you one hundred points forward according to the logic BAL'ZACHKA, you nevertheless nothing will know how to it to prove, but here on the part of the emotions this can cause in it hostility to you these girls they hate the stormy explanations of relations. They heavily transfer strange bright emotions, since they do not examine them, but very incandescence of their passions very strongly tires. So that try to maintain good, benevolent, calm relations, to which this girl is very responsive.
Intellectual ILIs learn wonderfully, and moreover for their flexible mind, there are practically no limitations. By them on the forces and technical VUZ - Institute of Higher Education, and architectural, and humanitarian, and even those spheres, where it is possible to work by hand. Trades or hobbies such as sewing, and the production of items like dolls or jewelry frequently draw them.
Only failure in the normal vital program can it will happen, if BAL'ZACHKA occurs unable to take itself into the hands and to overcome two things: the absence of enthusiasm (hence frequent periods of laziness) and haughtiness (allegedly, 4 nevertheless clever than all, so why to me with the fools at one desk to sit).
At work, a female ILI is completely irreplaceable. They are unusually clever and tolkovy, trained rapidly and rarely are confused in their work. Them practically never be necessary to repeat two times, that also as to make.
Since the career for them is completely real, and domestic responsibilities are sufficiently dull, female ILIs try to optimize their participation in the economy. Certainly, it is to pleasant prepare anything unique for the guests and to poukhazhivat' after them one evening. But to prepare they do not love I if a feeling of debt it repossessed according to the large calculation and BAL'ZACHKA beret this to themselves, then in the preparation of food rate will be made to the well thought-out technology and the rate of preparation.
From the life: "after i have the fork so of prilipla to the plate that also that and, etc. it was necessary to reject, I immediately understood that to me not to manage without the household worker".
The small children, around whom usually dilute any pusi-musi, they do not too draw them - repulses the senselessness of breast child and the need for manifesting many emotions. It more greatly pleases itself by them, when children a little grow up, they will enter into the mind and with them it will be possible to have a talk, transmit information to them, discuss interesting problems, teach their life.
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