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Socionics Type Assistant Turbo Test! (says TURBO so it has to be great right? lol)

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Socionics Type Assistant TURBO XL

I got ISFP, with minor S.

My I was highest, followed by F, then P then S, being very low. For some reason it won't let me copy my chart. - my result.
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Highest: E
2nd Highest: P
3rd Highest: F
Lowest: S
...I got INTP on this one. I tend to get INTP a lot lmao.
My intuition was the strongest. My thinking was the second strongest. Then introversion and perceiving...

This makes sense because I often test as an INTP with a low P.

Socionics Type Assistant TURBO XL
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I got INTJ with a very low preference for T.

With my T preference somewhat less strong than the other 3 (I, N, and J).
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I got ISTP with a large I and itty bitty S.

Highest: E
2nd Highest: F
3rd Highest: P
Lowest: N

I always thought my F is lowest..

I would say :
1. P
2nd E
3rd N
4. F
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I got INFJ:

Highest: N
Second: I
Third: J
Lowest: F
Low I, high S, and low P.

? for F and T.
ENFP, pretty low P though.
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