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I took the Humanmetrics test for nearly a decade, got INTJ every time, but this year INTP popped up.

Then Socionics, I got INTp-ILI. I read Gifts Differing, went carefully through it and came out INTp, very little p (two questions more than J).

And then the enneagram? I got 5w4 but when I read the book descriptions--not online glib kind, for 5, too much is off for it to be my Personality; wing, OK, but personality, I don't think so because of the drugs (nope, didn't, don't do 'em), and drawn toward horror and morbid stories, instances, thoughts (no); and take a job far below my capabilities to leave room for exploring or going 'round and 'round some bizarre, esoteric theory (no).

Much of 5 resonates, otherwise, but too much is off.

So, what am I?

Family, friends, professors, therapists, all say "Very smart" and "creative" and "intuitive" and "analytical" and "walking library" and much more: What type is that?

MBTI has not had the benefit of being updated as some other personality typology such as enneagram which also has much older roots.

I can say that having the other personality theory now, and studying them, comparing and contrasting them, MBTI is too either/or, and still stuck--the way the questions are asked and answers evaluated, in middle to upper-middle class Caucasian/American category. And of course, hetero and Christian:

Many of us do not fit in that category, yet we take the test and accept the label.

If it doesn't jibe for you, and it doesn't jibe for anyone who is skilled enough to administer the test and help you sift through the results, try a different personality test, and in the meantime, keep your mind as open as possible:

Typing is harder for many of us than the few who just know, bam, "I'm that!"
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