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In vipassana meditation, a relative of Zen, it's "awareness", being hooked into "here/now", and while focusing attention on the breath, using one object, daily, over the course of decades, further "awareness" may happen, though it isn't spiritual the way that phrase gets tossed "New Age" around these days.

Very few will come close to or reach that state, especially because

1) Not many want to,

2) It's damn hard work, who likes hard work,

3) It hurts to face condition that began as early as conception, e.g. my parents were drunk when they conceived me, whoopie for me and those like me with fetal alcohol effect (which I used to, until just recently, called "syndrome" to lessen the bite),

4) By the time "some" notice we've been conditioned to believe, act, desire, stretch for unimportant, temporary goals in a temporal place, we don't want to or perhaps cannot face it, then just do the essentials, sit, breathe, repeat... while the conditioning gets unraveled, and replaced with what, new conditioning?

Still, I'm going for it "while" I chase knowledge, and I know these two are not in alignment, but I'm repeating good advice, "Steady, no strain."

I'm making progress toward beating myself up less; toward deep relaxation; toward focus and follow through on day-to-day needs, and more.

If I get nothing more from Vipassana meditation than this, it is better than the way I've lived the majority of my life.
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