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Hello. Hopefully these conversations will help clue you in as to what type my personality is. These are a few discussions, both serious and facetious, that I had with my friend X.


Me: Who is the Greek god of fire and metallurgy?
X: I don't know.
Me: Hephaestus.
X: Why would I know that?
Me: Guess who his Roman counterpart is? Think Star Trek.
X: Vulcan?
Me: Yep.
X: Who is the Greek god of fellatio?
Me: Blowsuckius.


Me: You really shouldn't be drinking at your age. You could get into a lot of trouble.
X: Dude, I'm also smoking marijuana. That could get you into so much more trouble.
Me: Yes, but at least that's worth it. You know, I think all drugs should be legal, because it's your own body that you're doing damage to.


X: Do you know what's interesting about killing a man?
Me: That if you do it in war, it's okay?
X: No, but that's also interesting. I was gonna say that people don't do it because it's illegal rather than because it's immoral.
Me: There's a huge moral component to that law.
X: There are so many people I'd kill if killing were legal.
Me: You need some professional help.


(turning left at the lights, pulling out into middle of intersection, light turns red, I turn)
(Fantasy: cop pulls me over.
Cop: That's called jay-inching. It's a federal crime.)
(I come out of my fantasy just in time to narrowly avoid rear-ending somebody.)

Here are some more clues:

*I'm fascinated by words and languages.
*I write poetry and lyrics, none of them personal, always from another character's perspective.
*I care very little for my personal appearance; if people judge me by how I look, they're shallow.
*I'm outgoing with friends, but a shrinking violet around acquaintances.

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Some guesses can be made with what you wrote here, but I'd suggest doing it the regular way and filling out one of the stickied questionnaires. My current assertion would be IxFP.

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I thought there would be some explanation about why this was an emergency. I feel fooled, thanks!
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