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Son Goku MBTI ENFP - Dragon Ball Z MBTI Character Types

Goku MBTI - Goku ENFP

Son Goku ENFP - DBZ MBTI Types

I figured I'd share this post here as well on PerC and talk about the ENFP shonen main characters briefly here somewhat as well too here and Goku's character and traits as the first ENFP in Shonen Jump.

Son Goku definitely is one of the most quintessential and stereotypical ENFPs in all of time in anime, manga, and fictional history.

Most Shonen Main Characters are ENFP in anime and manga from Shonen Jump Magazine from Japan. Even if sometimes people confuse them with ESFPs because a lot of people can't tell the difference of ENFPs vs ESFPs in my opinion, but no most of the big shonen Main characters are ENFPs for sure and it all started from Son Goku, the first ENFP in Shonen Jump magazine. What do you guys think about this, you guys have become a trend and a norm in shonen anime and media in general as the most popular main character personality type in most cartoons, anime, and fiction as well and Shonen Jump manga and anime is now different from this. Most Shonen MCs are ENFP and use Ne and Si all the time in their respective series. And I'll explain here why with Goku here and share my recent Goku ENFP post I made and shared around in other subreddits recently today, tell me what you guys think and if you agree or disagree on anything. I think I did a good job here with my post and explanation on the common ENFP vs ESFP debate with him and cleared up why Son Goku is ENFP for sure definitely from Dragon Ball and uses Ne and Si all the time in the series and franchise. Son Goku is one of the best ENFPs of all time and the prime and perfect example of one too and is the pinnacle of ENFPs and ENFP archetype in fiction and in Shonen Jump and in anime and manga history as well. Hope you enjoy the read and post I made down below.

I thought it’d be nice to talk about Goku again from Dragon Ball Z and restate my opinion from the past how Goku is ENFP definitely in my opinion. People get confused on him a lot and debate between ENFP and ESFP often with him but in my opinion Goku is definitely ENFP and my friends and I agree on this that Goku is ENFP and a Ne dom and Si inferior user. Even new people I’ve met recently on reddit type Goku ENFP as well so I wanted to clear up some misconceptions around Goku and show his Ne and break these Se stereotypes in the community and that people associate with his character that actually isn’t that at all since Goku hardly uses Se much hardly at all in the series and he uses Ne and Si much more often as an ENFP character himself definitely for sure. In my opinion, Goku is the ENFP archetype and stereotype and the quintessential ENFP as well in all of anime and manga history of all time.

Here’s some opinions on Goku as ENFP here on Quora by a few people. I highly recommend as they bring up some great points and original opinions the ENFP and ESFP debate with him and give some really great reasons for Goku for ENFP here:

What is Goku's MBTI? - Quora

Irrational Skeptic just made a video on Goku as an ENFP, he’s great and now a friend of mine so be sure to check him out here below. Admittedly though I’m not a fan of his old Funimation dub part in the beginning since the old dub isn’t very accurate and I prefer the 100% accurate Kai English dub but after that part Irrational Skeptic brings up good points on Goku’s Ne curiosity and motivations with his Ne and curiosity with everything and how future oriented he is with his Ne and everything he does with caring about the future a lot which is a Ne and intuitive trait with intuitives always caring about the future as we all know. I agree with him that Goku is ENFP but I also strongly disagree on Vegeta and his typing for him, in my opinion Vegeta is an ISTJ and a Si dom for sure and Ne inferior user too. Vegeta is one of the greatest ISTJs of all time and most agree with me here that Vegeta is ISTJ and a Si dom and Ne inferior user but sometimes he’s mistyped EXTJs a lot and I strongly disagree with that in my opinion. Here’s the video here down below for you to watch yourself:

Here’s my Vegeta ISTJ post:
CBR put Goku as ENFP on their list recently for 10 ENFPs in anime they made recently here:

MBTI®: 10 Anime Characters Who Are ENFPs

Here's a post I made recently yesterday on the Ignorance in the MBTI community as well to talk about and critique stereotypes and misconceptions of types and cognitive functions in the community that happen a lot that are totally false and incorrect among people:
Also I figured I'd post this message again I made in another post on how Goku is airheaded with his Ne and having his head in the clouds because of his dominant Ne in him and how he misses details a lot around him as a result or from his Ne being curious about something in the outer world and environment like Krillin's hair and being completely distracted from everything else around him and all other details around that he misses easily because he's curious about something else that he sees with his Ne like again with Krillin's hair in this scene and then asking Ne curiosity questions a lot about things he's curious about like asking again to Krillin why he had hair now and how do robots have kids? I'll put the original message and video for you to see down below.

Here's Goku being airheaded with his Ne and having his head in the clouds not paying attention to details around him at all and not noticing Android 18 is there at the tournament until later. He also is curious with his Ne again and asks Ne questions about why Krillin has hair and how do robots have children and kids? Check out the video down below if you want to see all the different versions of this scene in different dubs of the anime for both English and Japanese as well from Z to Kai:

Now onto the post:

Goku is very curious with his Ne curiosity and has his Ne curiosity affect almost everything he does and his decision making in the series of Dragon Ball, he’s curious about fighting strong opponents in the future and is curious about how far his strength goes with his Ne curiosity, his Saiyan blood drives his love of thrill of fighting not Se which isn’t the definition of Se anyway, Se is not the loving physical activity function and doesn't mean loving physical things like people think contrary to popular belief, these stereotypes of Se are completely untrue even if most of the time Se users love physical things and physical activity, it's not absolute or exclusive traits to Se users and isn't even the definition of Se anyway cognitive function wise. Se is about responding to details in the moment and paying attention to details today and living fully in the moment today and in the here and now and reacting to all details around you that you see and percieve with your 5 senses fully in the moment which Goku never does with his airheaded, head in the clouds Ne and with him missing details around him often with his airheadedness, and also with Goku is always looking to the future with his decision making and being future oriented with his Ne all the time in the series. Goku is curious about objects around him with his Ne as well and misses and doesn’t care for other details around him as a result with his airheaded head in the clouds Ne again and Goku is always asking Ne curiosity questions about everything he sees all the time and the people he meets as well, he loves learning new things with his Ne, he loves new ideas, and he loves meeting new people in the future.
He’s imaginative, comes up with a lot of unique ideas with his Ne on the spot a lot all the time, and is very future oriented with his Ne as well. He cared about future generations in the Buu Arc and Saga with his Ne thinking about the future of the earth and he saw the possibilities of another evil bad guy and threat appearing in the future just like Majin Buu one day again so he wanted to focus on future generations with using Ne and being future oriented with it and focused on future generations of protecting the earth instead of him with Goten and Trunks because he knew he wouldn’t be around anymore in the future and his Si saw the patterns in the past that people keep depending on him too much and his Si saw from the past that Goten and Trunks are strong from watching them in the tournament fight before and after seeing how strong they’ve gotten his Si saw those past experiences with them and felt more secure with his Si security inferior and made him bet on them and have a hunch and prediction with his Ne that the future of the earth will be safe with them after all and he further thinks it’s possible with his Ne again that they can do it and master fusion and beat Buu after all even if they’re kids and children.

He comes up with Ne ideas all the time in battle and outside of battle, for example he came up with the idea for the underwater Kamehameha twin dragon shot when he was underwater fighting against Frieza on Namek, his Si remembered the detail earlier that Frieza was blasting randomly in different directions and then his Ne saw the pattern and made the connection that Frieza can’t sense people’s energy, this gave him an Ne idea to shoot two Kamehameha wave orbs out and then shoot them up to Frieza in the sky above him to distract him and do a sneak attack on him while he wasn’t looking and was distracted by the energy blasts instead coming up, this plan and on the spot Ne idea works perfectly that Goku comes up with here, perfect Ne and Si moment in Goku in this scene. He came up with the Ne idea for Instant Transmission Kamehameha against Cell and came up with the idea to combine two different attacks and techniques together to make an entirely new one and new attack here or a new way abstract and original way to do an old attack in a new way here depending on how you see it and define new moves, massive Ne moment and Ne idea again in Goku here. Goku came up with the Ne idea for Feet Kamehameha attack on the spot against Piccolo when they fought in the tournament in Dragon Ball. Goku also heard with his Si Piccolo say the homing bear following him will chase him forever until it hits him, Goku remembers and carefully thinks about this and what he just said to him with his Si careful observation in this scene and then instantly comes up with an Ne idea to run in front of Piccolo and dodge at the last second to have the blast hit Piccolo instead and this plan and idea works perfectly and Yamcha says while watching Goku suddenly do this says out loud in the Japanese version of the anime and in the manga days “Wow, Goku came up with that plan and idea on the spot, just like that?”

Here's some of the scenes I stated and said above for you to see again here if you forgot any and how those scenes went exactly:

This is the old bad dub but don't worry that dialogue is still pretty accurate here to the manga and the DBZ Kai in English, so you can watch the scene here just fine:

Here's the Goku wish back scene from the end of the Cell Saga from Dragon Ball Z Kai in English:

Dragon Ball Z Kai Goku says goodbye to everyone

Goku came up with the Ne idea for the spinning attack move against Namu. He learned the Kamehameha with his intuition and Ne after seeing it once also with his Si seeing it in the past and then his Ne seeing the possibility of copying what he saw and thinking he can do himself here, Ne and Si in Goku. He did the same thing when he remembered Jackie Chun used the Afterimage technique before and then he remembered it with his Si and copied it himself with his Si again and intuitively figured how to do the move with his Ne because his Ne saw also the possibility to do the move here himself. His Ne later innovated the Afterimage attack and he created the Triple AfterImage technique on the spot seconds later in his fight with Jackie Chun after copying his moves again with his Si. Goku remembers with his Si that the red haired girl in the Muscle Tower arc told him before the the cold hardens things, so his Si remembers this detail she said to him before earlier and his Ne triggers and Goku gets an Ne idea on to kick the wall in the room when fighting the monster in Muscle Tower and then after he gets the idea to kick the wall then the snow would come flying in the room and freeze the monster solid so that Goku could finally hit him and beat the monster, massive Ne and Si moment in Goku here. Goku is also forgetful with his low Si like forgetting Chi Chi and her marriage promise or forgetting what Trunks said about where the Androids would be, but he uses his Si for future decision making like remembering all the past times Gohan has been keeping up with them against strong enemies in the past and Goku’s Si noticing all these past experiences with Gohan and then having that as the motivation to put him in the fog hit against Cell and seeing the possibility with his Ne that Gohan has a hidden power in him and him seeing that possibility and potential at all shows his Ne and intuition is high as well. He forgot Gohan doesn’t love to fight with his Si inferior since he learned this when Gohan said no when Goku asked him to fight and hold off Vegeta for a little while until he gives the Spirit Bomb to Krillin and Gohan kept saying no and Goku got mad and said what did Piccolo teach you and are you gonna let our friends die in vain? This is not lack of Ni insight like some people think, Goku forgot with his low Si inferior that Gohan doesn’t love to fight like him a pure blood Saiyan and forgot Gohan is a half blood Saiyan and more peaceful pacifistic than him as an INFP for Gohan.

Goku copied with his Si Jackie Chun’s drunken style and based on what he saw with it using his Si, he then came up with the idea for two new fighting styles of his own based on the Drunken Fist style, Crazy Monkey technique in the anime and manga and the Mad Dog technique which was only shown in the manga. Goku came up with the Ne idea to ask the former Namekians to be the new Guardian of the Earth since Piccolo fused with Kami and there were no Dragon Balls anymore, Goku came up with this brilliant Ne idea to ask the Namekians to be the new Earth’s Guardian after remembering with his Si that Gohan told him awhile ago that the former Namekians they met found a new planet to live on. Goku came up with 3 Ne ideas in a row in this scene, he asked the Ne curiosity question to Piccolo and came up with the idea to ask Piccolo if him and Kami can defuse still because he wants to bring back the people Cell just killed and also have and save the Dragon Balls for later to use in the future just in case, Goku being future oriented with his Ne again, Goku like I said came up with the second Ne idea seconds later after hearing from Piccolo can’t defuse and that it’s permanent, Goku brainstorms with his Ne as he’s let down and sad and then immediately comes up with the Ne idea to ask the Namekians to be the new Earth’s Guardian to be able to get the Dragon Balls back again from remembering with his Si about what Gohan told him in the past of the Namekians finding a new planet to live on, Mr. Popo is so happy about hearing this that he says in the Kai dub “This is the best idea that I’ve heard in a long time!” - Mr. Popo. And then Goku comes up with another Ne idea go to King Kai and his planet and try to track the Namekians down there after his Instant Transmission fails the first time, 3 Ne ideas in a row Goku did here and showed in this one scene and he used Si several moments, Goku is definitely ENFP.

Also Goku remembered with his Si on what Bulma told him long ago about bad guys always being drawn to him and he thinks what she said to him back then is true and so this Si memory of what she said to him that he remembers and with him applying her words from the past to what’s happening now which is all Si by the way, it makes him make a prediction and have a feeling with his Ne that this will possibly happens again with another bad guy showing up to destroy the Earth world if he’s still alive and around so he thinks about the Earth’s future again with his Ne and decides to stay dead because of again what Bulma said of bad guys always being drawn to him that he again remembers with his Si in this scene of her telling him this long ago in the past that then affects his future decision for his Ne feeling and prediction he has here on the Earth and it’s future will probably be safer without me alive on Earth anymore, massive Ne and Si moment in Goku again here as an ENFP for him. Goku also treasures the past with his grandfather with his Si, he holds onto the 4 star Dragon Ball all the time like with him honoring it with his Si when we find him and meet him at the start of the series and him calling the 4 star ball grandpa and remembering his dead grandfather by it and always made decisions from remebering his Grandpa and wanted to look for and keep the 4 star Dragon Ball with his Si inferior at all times in the story, he named his son even after Gohan with his Si holding onto the past and honoring his grandpa and his death with his Si again and once again found the 4 star ball and made a special hat to remember his Grandpa Gohan by as Goku says with him using his Si once again here in this scene and honoring and remembering him in that way as well with his Si inferior once again, these are all massive Si moments in Goku coming out in these moments and scenes.

Also Goku is nostalgic to being an Earthling with his Si and holds onto it, he holds onto the past in unhealthy ways like with obsessing over Grandpa Gohan and the 4 star dragon ball all the time like I mentioned in examples above and he rejected his past when Raditz said he's a saiyan and said my name is not Kakkarot, its Goku and I from Earth, his Si inferior holding onto his past life here on Earth and not letting the past go with his experiences and past adventures and friends he's made in the past after living there all this time and rejecting his true past and history with his Si inferior as well. Overtime though as a Si user Goku slowly starts to accept his Saiyan heritage and if you watch the Saiyan arc and Frieza arc in Kai you'll see Goku slowly accept that he's a Saiyan and not from Earth at all, he slowly starts accepting who he truly is with his Si inferior and then it leads up to him fully accepting it and that he is a Saiyan in his Son Goku I am speech in Dragon Ball Z Kai and in the manga as well. But even though Goku goes through this progression and character arc, he still wears his Turtle School Gi most of the series from his Si inferior treasuring it still and honoring and respecting Master Roshi as a teacher as well still to him and he says on Kami's Lookout when he comes out the Time Chamber and asks Mr. Popo do you still have my old clothes, right before the Cell games, Goku says "I want to fight as an Earthling" Showing here he still holds onto the past with his Si inferior even after all that Saiyan heritage Si progression he did before, he's still nostalgic to living on Earth and being an Earthling with his Si inferior coming out here clearly. Goku also used his Si in other key moments and times in Dragon Ball like when he remembered Master Roshi said train his tail in the past and his Si remembered this detail he told him before and so he did when he traveled the world to train before the next World Martial Arts Tournament. Goku also used his Si inferior again when he listened to Master Roshi when he told him to not use the flying nimbus while he trained and traveled the world, he followed this Si rule and remembered Master Roshi telling this to him the whole time with his Si and then even Goku remembered this moment again with his Si and followed this Si rule so strongly that he swam all the way there to the tournament and listened to Master Roshi innocently and honestly the whole time and didn't use the Nimbus at all costs no matter what, this is very ENFP and kind of thing they would do especially in fiction and the exaggerated ENFPs you see in fiction and cartoons and anime often, Goku listening to Roshi based on what he said in the past to him on not using the Flying Nimbus ever while he trained and traveled the world is a perfect example of Si inferior coming in an innocent ENFP like Goku shows here in this scene and countless others that are similar like this that he shows in the series when his Si shows up and is being used by him in the story just like this scene that I'm explaining here as well.
Here’s my Goku ENFP post where I go more in depth and bring up points I didn’t bring up here too for my argument and this discussion here, you might see some of the same points there I said here but I brought up a lot of points in my Goku ENFP post down below that I didn’t say here at all so be sure to check it out if your interested:

r/mbti - Goku is an ENFP and here's why - Dragon Ball Z MBTI typing

Here’s some Goku ENFP opinions I agree with on forum posts and threads from other people too through the years. I've seen some Goku ESFP opinions like even Practical Typings recently but I've disagreed with all of them and think they're all misunderstanding Goku's character and missing his Ne dom and Si inferior moments in the series. Here's links to all the Goku ENFP posts I do agree with all listed down below:
I fully agree with Oaky here on Goku as ENFP of course, I'll link to both pages he mentions him here in this thread down below on Typologycentral forums, and of course I also agree with his Luffy ENFP opinion and post he did here too, I think he did a really good job explaining Luffy out in great detail and how he's intuitive for ENFP here in the post he did:

The Grand List of Anime MBTI Types - Page 13

The Grand List of Anime MBTI Types - Page 14

I agree with the first poster Kagiri that Goku and Luffy are ENFPs here but I disagree and also type Naruto ENFP as well compared to their opinion of him here:

MBTI of Popular Anime Heros

Here's one of my Naruto ENFP posts if your interested why I type Naruto ENFP and an Ne dom and Si inferior user too:

r/mbti - Naruto (ENFP) - Part 2 Character Analysis from the Chunin Exams Arc, Naruto MBTI

BSchultz_42 called Goku the quintessential ENFP fictional character in this thread on the ENFP reddit. And we both agreed and spoke about it here:

r/ENFP - ENFPs, which character do you relate more?

DBZ Myers Briggs - Dragon Ball - General Message Board - GameFAQs

MBTI of DragonBall ,DBZ,DBGT

Goku appeared here as ENFP on the Dragon Ball Z MBTI chart posted here down below by Personality club, most MBTI charts aren't the best but I think this one for the Dragon Ball Z one was definitely the most accurate compared to most others out there. I agree with most of the character MBTI typings here on the chart except for as usual I type Videl ENTJ and Android 16 ISFJ I like to often tell people when I link to this chart. Everyone else here though I fully agree with their types and think they're all right for sure in my opinion:

I agree on Goku as ENFP as usual but Piccolo and Sasuke are INTJs in my opinion:

The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship
r/ENFP - Part relatable meme, part ENFP-Goku tribute pic. Either way, enjoy.

Goku is ENFP and Vegeta is actually ISTJ! Lol, in my opinion again:

Goku is ENFP and Vegeta is INTJ

Also I think this Goku the misunderstood character video from Totally Not Mark an awesome INFP DBZ YouTuber also applies here to the MBTI community too with misunderstanding Goku's character and MBTI personality a lot of the time too:

Son Goku: The Misunderstood Character | The Anatomy of Anime

Here's a thread I made after seeing people confused on Goku's personality and character so often as well:

r/dbz - Misunderstanding Goku? And people not getting his actual character?

Also this thread I made shows Goku's Ne and Si moments that he does outside of battle too in the series as well:

r/dbz - Goku is a Genius Problem Solver as well as Genius Fighter, it's not just fighting he's smart at

For fun also, here's the best Goku character analysis ever of all time on YouTube by SaiyanZ3, the best ENTP Dragon Ball Z YouTuber out there and he's very smart and knows what he's talking about and know a lot about Dragon Ball, more than most people. Be sure to check him out here for sure and his channel too when you get the chance, his breaking Dragon Ball stigmas playlist and series is great along with his other Dragon Ball Z videos and his other anime videos are great too as well:

Character Analysis: Son Goku

Here's a great video showing Goku's Ne and Si with MasakoX talking about how Goku is good at visualizing and imagining things with his Ne and how he can carefully remember details with his Si senses and from his Si carefully remembering details in a situation he can further visualize their presence and location with his Ne and figure out where they are even if he can't see them. Once someone tried to argue Goku having kinesthetic Se intelligence as a point but I'd argue on the contrary his kinesthetic intelligence is coming from his Si with him remember details as I said above and also remembering fighting styles in a fight to further help his Ne out with predicting new possibilities for the future and adapting as well, I'll link to the videos talking about all this and these two points down below here for you to see and watch for yourself:

IS GOKU REALLY SMART? 👓 | A Dragonball Discussion
This video also shows a lot of Ne and Si moments in Goku too as well besides the ones I mentioned already in the examples above. Here's the video down below:

GOKU'S SMARTEST MOMENTS | Dragon Ball Super | Dragon Ball Z

Here's another great Goku character analysis as well among many other great ones too on YouTube here down below:

Son Goku Character Analysis - Part 1 - Grandpa Gohan and Bulma

Here's also a common mistyping I see with Gon Freecss from Hunter x Hunter in my opinion. I type Gon Freecss ENFP as well and I wrote a post on how he uses Si more than Se in the series and how he uses Ne all the time as an ENFP and to clear things up with his character in the series that I felt the community jumped to conclusions too quickly on with him I feel. Here' my Gon ENFP opinion down below and argument for him:

r/mbti - Why Gon Freecs is ENFP, and uses Ne primarily over Se - Hunter x Hunter MBTI

Here's also a great Nen types correlation post to MBTI types some one made and I agree with them that Gon is ENFP here and it fits his Nen type ability too perfect as a Ne user Enhancer which is the perfect fit for it and function for that ability and for ENFPs to use that Nen style as well. I agree with them on Gon Freecss as ENFP here, and Killua as INTP and Kurapika as INTJ. I think they got close with Leorio as an Fe dom but instead like most people I type Leorio ESFJ rather and I type Hisoka ENTP and an introverted extroverts which is common with them for ENTPs and ENFPs. I also type Chrollo INFJ in my opinion and Franklin ISFJ but I'll stop there as I usually do, you can check out the post down below if your interested, its really good:

r/HunterXHunter - Nen Personalities and The Correlation to the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator

Tell me what you guys think down below and if you agree or disagree on anything, I'd love to here your opinions on this and constant discussion with his character and Goku's debated type in the MBTI community, I think I made a strong case for why Goku is ENFP here I'm pretty sure lol. But tell me what you guys think about it and my opinion on this anyway freely down below, thanks and thanks for the support as always.

Characters in comparison btw I do type ESFPs are: King Kai, Kuwabara, Knuckle Bine, Yamcha, Majin Buu first form, Kirishima, Ino, Ty Lee, Brook from One Piece.
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