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Ok, I'll try this again. Had a glitch that screwed up my last post. Sorry if this ends up in a double post.

I was saying, I don't know if I get choked up like you describe, but I do get goosebumps and feel a chill sometimes (especially with live performances).

I also get a feeling that I am one with the music. I can be totally absorbed by it. Everything else gets tuned out. This happens a lot when I'm out dancing or during spinning class. Maybe it has something to do with endorphins? It's only certain songs, though.

I love that you bring up the point of lyrics vs sounds. My NF boyfriend and I were discussing this the other day. For him, it's all about the lyrics. For me it's all about the sounds and the beat. I don't pay much attention to the meaning of the lyrics. Not sure if this is an N vs S thing, or just a personal preference?

Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song is one favorite. I just really like the sounds.
Yup the words in bold basically explain how I feel. Music just evokes alot of emotions and often when I listen to a song not only do i get absorbed but i can often remember the first time I heard it and what I was doing.

The "sound" of the music is what drives it. Alot of people would just call it the beat but as well the audio effect the vocals have are important too. I composed and produced music for year and even had my music on national radio at one point and worked with upcoming artist so needless to say I have a great appreciation for the beats or instrumental of songs.
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