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Songs to listen to when you are crushed?

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I've sort of really been liking someone lately.... mistook him for an infj at first, but now i think he might be entj... he doesnt have a facebook but i saw another person's facebook. she had ptures of them posted together, and i realized how much in common they have and how suited they are for each other. the person's facebook doesnt list a relationship status or anything,,, but i've seen that they do other things together, like work together in some organizations... and yeah im kinda crushed. :sad::sad::sad: with someone like her by his side (even if they arent dating), i definitely dont stand a chance... i think she's an awesome person, and she's done some really successful things in her field. and i guess 5 years down the line... i hope to be as successful of her... it's okay.... im going to be alright i guess. oh yeah, he is 5 years older than i am... just crushed for today. :sad::sad::sad::sad: im not feeling depressed or anything, but still crushed... im glad i found out now before i could get more attached. i guess this also gives me the opportunity to focus more on my work... any song recommendations ?
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It's difficult to look inside his mind, but it might be just the other way around - that he'd judge you as unobtainable.

By the way, I've never really understood why you girls sometimes think you are inferior to other girls. What you might see as Ms Wonderfully Perfect, I might see as The Living Nightmare of Nazi Zombie from TalkTooMuchAndTooLoud-city.

As for physical appearance: The two most beautiful girls I've ever seen/known, both had "faults" they hated themselves; one of them had the most sweet little nose tip pointing upwards (very much like Cleopatra in the Asterix & Obelix comics), the other one was slightly cross-eyed (which made her appear more adorable than Disney's Bambi).

I have to admit though, that the best girlfriend I ever had was a dog: Always happy to see me, no nagging for not having shaved that day, never complaining that we didn't have a bigger house than the neighbours. And she would happily do the dishes every day :tongue:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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