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This is the last post in this thread that should not be in haiku format.

I thought it would be fun for INFPs. Here's the story. Last month I was feeling bored and I decided I would make all Facebook and Twitter posts in haiku for a week. It was a fun challenge. People got into it, and I found it made me really think before I spoke. So, let's see if other people can get into it.

Post your thoughts, moods, or anything that comes to mind, but as a haiku.

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if I don't leave now
I'll get nothing done today
what a rainy day
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I don't like haiku.
There's too much effort involved.
Do contractions count?

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I am not concise
So i wrote you a poem
Made of nine haikus

My garden is a
Wasteland devoid of flora
The earth cracked from drought

Lady of the lake
Wash over me despite my
Restraining order

Let your fiery waves
Rejuvenate this desert
With love and fervor

Replenish its life
If only for a moment
For it will not last

Water seeping down
Its cracks in a split second
Leaving fish to die

Under the hot sun
That scorched my land before you
Warm but desolate

Your lake emptier
My soil soon again dried up
Bones scattered around

But know this, my love
Even though it seems in vain
Your water remains

Evaporating slow
Until clouds of love arise
To rain down on me

My fingers are sore
From counting the syllables
I'm such a dumbass :crazy:

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To draw from the mind
rather than by surer sight
I tried but am lazy

Roses are red, violets
are blue, this may possibly
not be a haiku

To face the fear of
death, would you have to die to
overcome your fear?

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This is disparate
Communication is hard
We can not debate

Good idea, pard
Truly complex and unique
You are such a card!

I'll leave with mystique
So that no one knows of me
Feel free to share your critique

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We're no strangers to
Love, you know the rules and so
Do I, A full com

Mitment's what I'm think
Ing of, you wouldn't get this
From any other

Guy, I just wanna
tell you how I'm feeling, got
ta make you under

Stand, never gonna
Give you up, never gonna
Let you down, never

Gonna run around
And desert you, never gon
Na make you cry, nev

Er, gonna say good
Bye, never gonna tell a
Lie, and hurt you, We've

Known each other for
So long, your heart's been aching
But you're too shy to

Say it, inside we
Both know what's been going on
We know the game and

We're gonna play it
And if you ask me how I'm
Feeling, don't tell me

You're too blind to see
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let

You down, Never gon
Na run around and desert
You, never gonna

Make you cry, never
Gonna say goodbye, never
gonna tell a lie

And hurt you
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