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All I really want is to play Azad.
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New game: name careers that may require extensive drug use. This should be a mix of wtf is this job even, what do they do all day & of course noooo! It doesn't make sense.

civil engineers are required to use heavy drugs before they create sidewalk plans......sidewalks are never the most direct route anywhere. "No man, there's a shrubbery man. I want to save the shrubbery. Let's move the city to go around the shrubbery." "Oh! You need a campus sidewalk plan? Sure, I'll start working on it. *drops acid* what if there was a late rabbit and a queen of hearts cutting off heads?! I better make efficient sidewalks for people to get through wonderland!!"

children book author are you going to claim that an idea about a friendly peach growing up on a farm with other peach friends, along with an antagonistic who suppresses peaches (likely an evil pear) just *came to you* one day? .....​right.

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Fun! *claps hands*

Urban planers, park bench division Must use drugs, heavily, in order to come up with new exciting designs for park benches. However, they force the actual bench builders to be sober though cause they need to make sure the benches can be used (but these urban planers are real slave drivers so the builders, secretly cook amphetamine and use it heavily to make sure they don't work too slow and get punished.

Self-Help book authors are all heavy users of prescription medication. Only way to stay up beat and positive through the processes of writing, editing and publishing said books. Not Dr.Phil though. He uses ghost writers and subsequently his ghost writers are the heavy drug a abusers.

The people having the same job as Homer Simpson so terrified of turning into Homer they need to use drugs to assure that they won't be come him. (Little do they know that they can just read a self help book and avoid the whole thing).

the people who make pedestrian crossings (lol what is this even called in English?) use drugs so they won't mess it up.

Painers who is unknown medicated cause when they were little they thought it would be piece of cake to become the next Rembrandt or, better yet, Picasso. Now they need to use drugs to deal with the disappointment.

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... burger flipperologist.

after graduating with a doctorate in beef-patty physics you come to realize that your dream career has been outsourced to pimple faced teenagers and recovering amphetamine addicted. In order to cope the the infernal heat of the kitchen and the boredom resulting thereof you sneak some ketamine to work and think deep frying your face is an economic alternative to plastic surgery.

... plastic surgeon.

It might be fun to operate under the influence of alcohol and LSD. Everything is about artistic expression. Meanwhile you take find yourself in neurology injecting Botox into someone's brain. You gotta get rid of those wrinkles somehow.

... president of the USA

I didn't inhale. Some political candidates may be patients of the above plastic surgeon. What other explanation is there for the stupidity that spews from a politician's mouth?
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