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Often times when I write poetry, it takes me forever because I keep changing it over and over again and even when I used to have a blog that I updated frequently, I'd say my poems were never really finished. But here's an idea, set the timer or just look at the clock, write a poem in five minutes or less and post it here. Don't edit it after that, it's done. Go with the emotions, they'll guide you. The final result will be fine because it reflects some part of who you are, your anger, sadness, happiness, boredom, curiosity, whatever. It doesn't have to be perfect or deeply meaningful or anything. Just has to be something that reflects how you feel about something.

Here's mine, written right now, in five minutes (a few secs short of six minutes...phew):

In my room there is a mug.
In it I keep a live beating heart.
It's covered with honey and fresh lemon.
On the rim there's a lipstick mark.
It's been there for too long.

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mer sang
non harsh'd
her hallow
was sharp'ned
breez'd crisp
remount ere

bu o hao
hir so wa
fre fl b pur
nt rmvd hawn

mark thee magic--
grandiloquent pressing
remark on fluttered space
cremated contra spore
frequenting marveled
touchstone monuments
miracle crafted communes
corundum craters
oh suffuse predated
remembrant confused taper
revolted recuperate
not in shining vapors
punctuate sorrow fun
reprieve him gladly
marriage badly

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Under the starlit sky
we made our pact.
sultry screams
made wolves react.
Their howls, their cries
were lullabies
as we both laid back.

Upon the grass she lay
as I heard her say
"Let us live with no regrets"
And I made her swoon
with my caring boon
and a thrust which was no threat.

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the shell seems perfect
pure white
gleaming from glory
but then i see
a chip
on the side
and i realize
that nothing is truly perfect
inside and out
then i realize
the chip is a design
it gives life
the mistake can be a power
it can make the shell a true masterpiece
what is a shell
with no chip
just a shell
with no name
a person
with no reality

for how can you be real
without a chip
in the design
(under 5 minutes)

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A poem in five minutes
so what shall I put in it
maybe some spinich
or I should just finish it right here right now
but how can a string these words together
to form another pattern of thought
but then who taught me to write like this
ignorance is bliss so leave the questions unanswered
Its always better not to know the next flow
so lets go into my imagination
dive into a new creation filled with facination
but never reputation
everything in it is unique
something to speak about for decades to come
you have just begun your journey into insanity
my imagination is a place where none can escape
like being stuck in a video tape that constantly rewinds but every time you find something new
as I spew more words that may only scratch the surface of this interface.

damn I wanted to continue :(

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silly me
why did i think
that it would turn out so perfectly?

silly me
why did i think
that they would care about me?

silly me
why did i think
that i was special?

silly me
shy, naïve, young, inconsequential me

i thought i could be myself.
silly me

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Down down a spark
Fell down the throat
Of a petrified lark
Resting on my lap
My china white fingers
Clasping it's wings
No one will fly
Away tonight
Not even in their dreams
Because unlike most days
Tonight I am exercising
My newfound ability
For selfishness
No matter what those wicked
Tongues have rattled
It's a novelty

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Wait and see, wait and see!
The butterfly about to emerge.
Behold the long awaited transformation,
from the silly little worm.

Here she comes, here she comes!
She will soon look as I think she ought!
With beautiful colors, surrounded by others.
The world's attention is sure to be caught.

But oh, what a disappointment, what a loss.
To wait with such eager anticipation.
Only to find that your daughter is a moth.


Ack, ran out of time.

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If I were to write a poem
I suppose that makes me a poet
and though I am at home
Maybe I can still roam
Because maybe I live in a boat.

It might have a sail
or a loud steam engine
but perhaps that idea will fail
I may, in fact, be a snail
tracking slime all over your garbage bin.

Just... slightly Ne xD
Love love love this thread! I love it to bits!

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"Crack cat, so whack, sittin on a mat, look at that, a pat, yowling in the back, a swat, so swag, ya silly little cat." A silly rap about my kitty cat, and yes her actual name is crack cat :D

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Plastic makes me happy
But only if I eat it
And only if it fits nicely
In my blood clots
It is only worth consuming
If it can heal all that's wrong
and broken within my body
Plastic can be melted and used
To fill all the missing gaps that
I swore that I will fill as
flesh is not as easy to come by
and I unfortunately eat all that I am given
in fear it will be taken away so they
have to give me plastic parts to hide
the fact that I took away what made
me living and a human being so a plastic
creation I have come and it makes feel just a
tiny bit better about eating myself everytime
that I am given something to lose

It doesn't make sense or is that good but whatever. XD

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Unleash the tide
Swallow the pain
Hindering words
Too broken
To say

Hide today
Laugh tonight
Swallow tomorrow
Light the night

Ocean waves dance
I feel their hearts
I can hear them sing

It's falling apart

Tangible mess
Tedious fears
Concentrated gas
Of frivolous tears

Here again
Here again
No don't be here again
I won't let you be here again

Today, you won't win again.

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Another five minute poem
I have chosen not to bore you with minor details
lets start on the trail to another adventure
remember everything this time will be better than the last
forget the past experience and sing in silence as I commence this wonderful journey
a form of poetry like none before
I adore this form of art that starts with a simple thought
and expands into a portal to another world
are you ready for what lies ahead
brace yourself for greatness forsake all else
and enter into a zone of endless possiblilties
serenity and peace along with adventure
wonder, marvel and endless splendor
surrender to you will and set yourself free
release all restraints and be just like me

MOTM Dec 2011
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Are you the sad poet?
Is this your home?
They said that I would find you
composing all alone
and in your eyes I'd find
a piece of broken hope

a shard of summer's embers
the street lights on their timers
as dawn rises on our memoirs

they said I'd see it in your eyes

In time I'd trample 'cross
the lines you would be inking
You'd blot me out quite thoroughly
without so much as thinking
and in your wrist I'd feel
horizons quickly shrinking

the sky was once a vision
the blue birds on a mission
to escape an earthly prison

but I saw you blot it out
so quick to make revision
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