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When we view the various descriptions provided about INFP's and the qualities they possess or don't possess depending on your perspective one should really keep in mind that these basic assumptions have to do with adaptability to the external world and do not address the larger and more meaningful concerns facing people like us! It is true that adaptation to collective norms has it's place in life and that for INFP's learning to develop a successful persona can be really quite useful! So first one must learn that you can never hope to control any situation in life unless you first adapt and allow yourself to be influenced by it. Through allowing oneself to be influenced one comes to understand the situation more clearly and can then respond from a centered position.

Ultimately INFP's suffer from divine discontent! Their path is the solitary one to their own centers! The long and arduous descent, (Dante, Odyseus) followed by the return to the light and the establishment of a center that unties them firmly with their true selves! As the saying goes All that is visible must grow beyond itself, extend into the realm of the invisible. Thereby it receives its true consecration and clarity and takes firm root in the cosmic order. (I ching Hex 50)

It is my firm belief that no other type is more fit for the journey, more receptive to intuitive knowledge, or more capable of letting go of the old and embracing the new. What fortunate karma to be an INFP, no long drawn out struggle about whether there is more to life then material preoccupation instead an in born wisdom arises carried over from many lifetimes of spiritual devotion and practice. Not some mindless collective spiritual crap but a true and reverent inquiry into the very nature of reality itself! For the true goal of any meaningful spiritual activity is to merge and become one with ultimate reality!

So my fellow INFP's embrace the journey, learn to let go, this life and world is a field of beauty and bliss! When you don't feel this remind yourself always that the misunderstandings bringing pain into your life are yours alone! Let it go, in in the next breath embrace the joy and wonder of it all!

I just wanted to share a few opening remarks about being an INFP as I am new to this site!
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