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SPs: Is The Smart Thing To Do Always The Right Thing?

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I have a dilemma at work that has reminded me of what a former Director told me years ago. She said sometimes you must do the smart thing and sometimes you must do the right thing. When I heard this I thought to myself, but the smart thing to do is always the right thing. I can appreciate that her position was very political therefore she had to consider this dilemma, but my integrity will not allow it.

I am being asked to resolve a matter at work wherein the previous administration implemented a policy. Months later under the new Administration, the policy is now being enforced and made retroactive for four months. I have no problem with this, but it will now affect some supervisors’ pay. Upper management of this department including the Department Head is incensed by enforcement of the policy. My supervisor and Director have to remain neutral in not taking sides with the Administration or this particular department. However in truth its a political ploy to save their own ass in not telling the King that he is walking around butt naked, so to speak.

My dilemma and feeling that I am being manipulated is that my supervisor and director know me well enough that my integrity will not allow the employees to be treated unfairly. I could easily choose to write my report to show that policies have not been violated therefore the grievance is null-and-void. But instead, they know that I will call a spade “A spade” because making the policy retroactive is simply wrong.

How do you handle matters as SPs when you know that something is wrong, but also know that you’re being asked to intervene because you have no fear of calling it like it is regardless of the consequences that in worst case scenario may be career suicide? I know that I am either being considered expendable and will be beheaded or again everyone admitting that it is wrong are purposely involving me to make it right. Thoughts?
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I know that doing the right thing is not always rewarded & will not always bring immediate good results on a personal level, which is why the world is full of selfishness & dishonesty. It depends what you think "smart" is, basically.

My ESTP ex-business partner had "bendable" ethics, & she had all kinds of mottos like "it's not business it's personal" and "honesty is relative" which were basically excuses to cheat people so she could come out ahead. I suppose some people may see that as smart and practical, but I just saw it as immoral. I wouldn't want to profit under those circumstances. We argued & split over that, and then she screwed me over & stole from me like she had done to everyone else. I don't feel bad, because had I caved, she would have taken advantage of others, and I don't doubt her disloyalty to me would have come out eventually.

I also had an ESFP boss who had similar thinking (both of these were sales people - a certain breed I've come to find), but I had less cause to stand up to him. I was his employee and his behavior was not my responsibility, nor was his business a representation of me. If I was not directly asked to do something against my moral code, then I did not make waves.

I suppose you could ask yourself, is it your battle to fight?
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