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1. At my best, I realize that I have tremendous courage, faith, and endurance: people know they can count on me.

2. I am more vigilant and aware of potential problems than most people.

3. I have an ability to find common ground with others, and I like the feeling of being liked.

4. It is important to me to feel secure in my job and relationships.

5. I am very committed to those who are committed to me – my family and friends know that I meet my responsibilities.

6. I am a reliable, hard worker and have invested a lot in myself to build a secure life for myself and my family.

7. Although I've had many successes in my life, I still doubt myself.

8. I can get really nervous when I have to make an important decision, but I can't stand having other people make decisions for me.

9. I spend a lot of time trying to understand who and what I can trust.

10. I am not always sure about what other people think about me – sometimes I feel they like me, sometimes I feel they don't.

11. My sense of humor throws people off because I often say the opposite of what I really mean, so they don't know whether I'm serious or not.

12. I can be extremely prudent and cautious about a problem, but then do something impulsive just to get it over with.

13. Although I usually do what's expected of me, there are times when I rebel.

14. I don't always follow the rules or procedures, but I really want to know what they are so I know when I'm breaking them.

15. I become furious when I see others breaking the law and getting away with it.

16. I can drive myself nuts with all my worrying and indecision, but I'm usually certain about how I feel about things.

17. I can be really tough and stubborn when I have to be, although I don't always feel that tough inside.

18. I can really get down on myself for not being as aggressive and independent as I would like to be, especially if I have to let down someone who was counting on me.

19. I tend to be suspicious of some people and feel that they don't like me and are out to get me – or they would if they could.

20. I tend to get tense and overreact when I am really upset or when I am under pressure and things are not going well for me.

[Source: Understanding the Enneagram: The Practical Guide to Personality Types]

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Yup. I'm definitely a 6... w5.
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