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Inspired DJArendee’s thread “MBTI Ethical Guildlines of Use.

"Well, I got something to say!" (Glenn Danzig).

The NF’s are pussies and wimps.
The NT’s are super-geniuses and masterminds.
E3’s are vain and shallow.
E8’s are mean.
E6’s are anxious all and every day.
E7’s don’t care about anyone but themselves.
INFJ’s are the ‘wisest’ type (trust me, I’m not!).
ESFP’s party all the time and are ‘naive’.
SJ’s are boring workalcholics with no vision.
SP’s are sexalcholic, adrenaline junkies; no other type can ‘live in the moment’ like the SP’s.

This is all nonsense. These phrases are called ‘stereotypes’, and any student of psychology (like myself) could and would tell you that (but we may be worried about your feelings!). A ‘stereotype’ in layman’s term should be defined as ‘bullshit belief’. ‘Stereotypes’ are fine here or there because they help us decide much more quickly and effectively. For example, you have a ‘stereotype’ that if you were to walk through a ‘dangerous’ neighborhood you may be mugged. While that may not technically be true, it nevertheless is helpful advice!

But ‘stereotypes’ aren’t helpful when it comes to understanding the complexities of not only ourselves but also others. ‘Oh, I did [A] because I’m .” Yes, that may be true. But in reality, you are because of [C] and [D], and [C] and [D] were influenced by [E] and [F]. And so on and so forth. That is why you did [A]. Yes, it’s helpful and practical to accept that you are [A] because of . That’s at least a start in the right direction. But if you truly give a damn about understanding yourself and others you’d look beyond at the other ‘letters’ (i.e., influences).

Carl Roger suggested that it isn’t being a person but becoming a person that is important. I agree with Mr. Rogers. MBTI and subsequently the cognitive processes as well as the Enneagram are like catalysts for us to understand ourselves better. It has been for me. It can allow us to look through ‘stereotypes’ and generalities that are more harmful and restrictive than not.

For example, I’m an E8 not because of how I present myself but because at my ‘core’ the E8‘s basic desires and fears are accentuated. I still feel the basic desires and fears of the other Enneatypes as well! Why, you may ask? To be blunt: I’m a human being, not a damn robot or tool!

For example (and please understand that these are broad generalizations):
I want to succeed at what I do or want and not fail (E3).
I want to know and understand what, when, where, how and why ‘things’ happen or people do what they do (E5).
I want to have security and stability in my own life (E6).
I want to have damn good times here or there! (E7).

But these basic desires and fears aren’t as accentuated as E8 to me and me alone. You are not me, and I am not you. I’m afraid to be vulnerable and indebted more than anything. I admit that I do like and want to be in control, and without it I feel incomplete.

But I’m also not an unintellectual beast (as the stereotypes suggest); I’m intelligent and I do appreciate learning. I feel deeply, but I have a hard time expressing those feelings ‘properly’. I have my own insecurities. I even feel remorse even when I pretend I don’t. I don’t intentionally go around and ‘bully’ others, but my behavior may be interpreted by others as just that. I am arrogant, grandiose and an egomaniac from time to time, but I can also be level-headed, loving and reasonable. I can and do intimidate others, but even when I’m self-aware I don’t always mean to. It is who I am, and if I want to be a caring, responsible person then I might not want to use my Enneatype as a justification for bad behaviors, feelings or thoughts (ex., like intimidating or riding roughshod on others).

Surprisingly, you too are as complex. You are as intricate. It is a scary notion: “others are as complicated and complex as I am”. If you let this radical notion settle in your mind, it may not transform the ‘entire world’, but perhaps it’ll transform you and your approach to life. That is worth its weight in gold. Life becomes a bit more bearable when you begin to look at others and, more importantly, yourself as more than mere organic machines.

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Please, please, don't go all Sisko on my ass, it wasn't me.
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I'm pretty sure all the types have the " stereotypical xxxx" as a sticky in the fourms
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