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I suck at storytelling, but here's one I enjoy the most.

I have nothing to apologize for.

My biology teacher was teaching our lesson when it's the last 15 minutes before Christmas vacation. However, we all were thinking about the chapel service we had earlier. The end of the world predictions. This talk, about December 23, 2012 being when Jesus would come back made my biology teacher super sensitive. There was no mistake. He was very afraid. When school started to come to an end. One of my classmates said, "well...there isnt really any point of learning if we are going to be with Jesus soon". My teacher said, "yeah, I was thinking of that" he paused, "where do you think is the safest place?".
I shrugged and said, "maybe Austrelia or, New Zealand?". He went to the computer and looked it up and confirmed that New Zealand was on the list of the safest places in the world. Soon, the bell rang and we said good bye to eachother, and gloomily walked out to meet with our parents.

The end of the world never came in 2012...

After, we came back to school and were relieved to see our friends again and resumed with classes. We grumbled about having homework again. Later that afternoon, we found out that Biology class was canceled. Our principle told us that our teacher did move to New Zealand because of the prediction of 2012. We thought it was a prank at first but I guess, it really happened! So we switched from Biology class to an extra study hall class. Even to this day, I still cant believe my teacher moved away and I sometimes laugh about it.
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