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MOTM June 2010
ISTP - 5w6 sp/so
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People ask what other type you want to be; I ask why would I want to be anything other than STP. Nothing pretentious in how we are, how we roll. It's just who we are.

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I do like the older style Blues, though.
Blues can be subdivided into several subgenres, so I wouldn't equate Blues with Jazz.
Some music stores have a separate section just for the "Blues."
Not all the Blues are "smooth" either.

Listen to this guy.
Darn, embedding disabled. Well anyway click on the link.

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I like that.

Been listening to this all day.

Well she's up against the register
with an apron and a spatula
with yesterday's deliveries,
and the tickets for the bachelors
she's a moving violation
from her conk down to her shoes
but it's just an invitation to the blues

and you feel just like Cagney
looks like Rita Hayworth
at the counter of the Schwab's drug store
you wonder if she might be single
she's a loner likes to mingle
got to be patient and pick up a clue

she says howyougonnalikem
over medium or scrambled
anyway's the only way
be careful not to gamble
on a guy with a suitcase
and a ticket gettin out of here
it's a tired bus station
and an old pair of shoes
but it ain't nothing but an
invitation to the blues

but you can't take your eyes off her
get another cup of java
and it's just the way she pours it for you
joking with the customers
and it's mercy mercy Mr. Percy
there ain't nothin back in Jersey
but a broken-down jalopy of a
man I left behind
and a dream that I was chasin
and a battle with booze
and an open invitation to the blues

but she's had a sugar daddy
and a candy apple Caddy
and a bank account and everything
accustom to the finer things
he probably left her for a socialite
and he didn't love her 'cept at night
and then he's drunk and never
even told her that he cared
so they took the registration
and the car-keys and her shoes
And left her with an invitation
to the blues

'Cause there's a Continental Trailways leaving
local bus tonight, good evening
you can have my seat
I'm stickin round here for a while
get me a room at the Squire
the filling station's hiring
I can eat here every night
what the hell have I got to lose
got a crazy sensation,
go or stay and I've got to choose
and I'll accept your invitation to the blues

MOTM June 2010
ISTP - 5w6 sp/so
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You or I (baby boomers) probably have plenty of Jazz in our collections.
Not many of the younger people likely would/do.
I tend to like contemporary Jazz more than the older traditional New Orleans style of Jazz.

Yep, I like my Bourbon smooooth, with some Club Soda on the rocks.
OOOOOhhhhh , Yep.

MOTM Jan 2012
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I enjoy both Jazz and Blues.
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MOTM Jan 2012
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^^Yes! I second that "thank you"!

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Classical during school. Jazz/blues and old school rock nowadays. Cant stand metal/techno at all.

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