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This is so fun!

For me:

1. Mary Poppins being my favourite film, I used to believe that I could recreate the tidying up scene and snap my fingers and all my things would come to life. Whenever this failed to work:laughing:, I thought I just needed some more practice.

2. I believed my teddies were alive and they all had different personalities.

3. I was convinced that Malificent, the witch from Sleeping Beauty hid in my wardrobe:confused:.

4. Regarding breastfeeding, I thought the baby had to actually EAT the breast! My mother (who is very ample-bosomed) remembers when she was feeding my baby brother and I screeched ''Does he have to eat ALL that?!''

5. I saw no reason why I couldn't be a mermaid when I grew up.

HAPPY DAYS!:laughing:
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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