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i used to believe my aunt is a witch because she used to stay up late and whisper to herself (to this day i actually think she might have been a witch. i would lie terrified in my bed and wonder what kind of spells is she casting. once my beloved cat bit her quite bad and even though i pretended to be sorry for her inside i was even more convinced. the cat must have known she's a witch as well, hence the biting.

then there was a period when i thught my grandma was an alien because she never ate much and i figured she pretended to eat but actually she didn't need 'world' food.. i guess i was pretty paranoid about my relatives.

then for a while i thought that i'm actually a boy but my parents aren't aware of it. no idea why. at that time i thought that i think as a man or something.

i also used to talk to plants and animals like hens and vehemently believed they understand me. i used to tell them my problems. i guess i didn't have that much friends when i was little.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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