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Strictly for LAUGHS (!)

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This is just for relaxation :D :D :D I am wondering what are other INFPs childhood beliefs, because these are MY childhood innocent beliefs:

1. Scientists are studying moon because later we all must move to live on the moon. Mum dad will have to pack all our household to carry in the space shuttle during the move out day. Maybe have to make a few trips to bring all the stuffs to the moon

2. Babies are born after a man hugs a woman, their bodies make molecules that combine during hugging (i think all kids believed this)

3. Victims of rape should have just pushed the man away, what is so hard about pushing?? I just dont get it...I would have just push and walk away like usual ~~

4. If we tear one of mosquitoes' legs, he can go warn other mosquitoes not to bite us because we are dangerous

5. The world (trees, land, people, water) was white and grey before 1980s that's why movies are only black and white (its nothing to do with camera technology like the adults were saying)

6. People are POOR if their houses are made of wood

7. Mom dad refused to buy the toys i wanted not because they didnt have money but because the toy was $7.90 and mom had $10. The numbers didnt match *sigh*

Lets see what are YOUR innocent premises!!!:tongue:
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Re-paste from my facebook awhile ago -- this is a mix of beliefs / antics.

1. If you swallowed bubble gum, it would get stuck in your throat and when you ate food later it would all get caught in your esophagus and you'd eventually die.

2. I used to run around the house with a grocery bag wrapped around both arms creating a cape.

3. I built a box fort in the house that took up the entire living room, I used well over 30 boxes :D.

4. When I heard that Navy Seals used to train by doing pushups in fire ants, I did the same to prove I was just as tough. ....... never again

5. When I was 7, some kid at school told me about a guy who used to kidnap people on my route to school. When I heard about this I hid out and skipped school for a day, police and everything ended up looking for me.

6. I used to love the super hero the Flash, so when I saw a dodgeball in this HUGE swampy area I thought "I could get that if I run REALLY fast into it". So, I backed up big time and got a running start.... first step into that swampy mud and I sank down about up to my groin, and fell forward... *splat* I ended up getting the ball though :p
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Talcum powder was made of ground up human bones
If you ate an apple pip it would grow inside you
If you hid your head so you couldn't see then people couldn't see you either
That adults knew all the answers to every thing but they wouldn't tell me
I thought food was free, and that adults complaining about how much it cost were just being whiny.

When I was six I stopped eating macaroni and cheese because my sister told me about a boy who ate so much of it he turned into an elbow noodle.

When my church told me that animals didn't go to heaven, I would pray over my dog every single night and plead God to make an exception for him.

If it was in print then it MUST be true, because only experts wrote books. (...that perception nosedived.)

I used to dream about my entire house being filled with water like a giant aqaurium, and that it was possible to live that way and swim from room to room.

I believed I would never be "one of those people" who lamented the loss of childhood, that I would always remember what it felt like. *sigh*
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