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Do you generally see yourself as a strong person or a weak person?

There are a good amount of people who see me as strong and for some reason, I'm often surprised by this. No doubt I like to project an image of strength for others but then I ask myself - is that really what I least in certain areas? And I can't help but agree....that it is true, after all - at least in certain areas. I guess if I was never weak, I could never really have the chance to become strong. Ahhh, tangent.

It's just...I typically don't view myself as being strong for MYSELF but even there, I do have my coping mechanisms that I fall back on.

Which led me to the realization that while I do aspire to be strong....underneath that, I seem to also have this hidden desire to be weak? I asked myself why that is. And I think it's because I'm afraid that if I become too self-sufficient, it means I won't be close to people any more. In other words, I have the belief that being TOO strong in myself will weaken my ties with others.

Now realistically I know no man is an island and no matter how independent you claim to be or become, humans are still very much social and dependent creatures in the end. But still, the fear seems to be there. It's not an active fear but more dormant. Hopefully this makes sense.

I guess my second question is - can anyone else relate to these thoughts/feelings? If not, how do you differ and why do you feel you are that way?
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