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Ive always wanted to study abroad ever since high-school especially to India or a France. But I'm super nervous about such a drastic change for a introvert. I've made my decision Togo but now putting words into action has proving difficult.
The place I'm most keen to travel is India.
What scares me the most and also excites me is being completely on my own. But being introverted I fear that I won't be able to experience it all because of my personality and I may get overwhelmed.( I had a bad overseas adventure a few year ago. Which entailed my mother picking up my whole family and moving to Jamaica,which is a beautiful country by the way, but because I was so far from my comfort Zone I began to have horrible panic attacks and with everyone there being do extroverted and also I was a foreigner and shy so getting accepted proved a challenge and left me very lonely. There was a lot more to the story there like I lived there for 3 months. But I was so drained I f left my family and moved back to the states.)
I'm still determined to travel abroad and not make the same mistakes or let myself get overstimulated. And wanted to know if any other Introverts, INFP's or any really has any tips for traveling overseas( not just tourist) and also where they have lived or visited?

And don't let my one experience stop any introvert from traveling to any destination."to each his own".;)
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