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What’s up? This is a thread where I will post my progress on the subliminals that I am currently using, and if you are listening to any subliminals, feel free to use this as a progress journal for yourself as well :)

Get better grades subliminal, by Akuo Subliminals

Superhuman intelligence - Human Genius, also by Akuo Subliminals

Social Magnetism | Confidence & Charisma, by Akuo Subliminals

His Subliminals work really well ok?? And you can definitely trust him.

Here is the booster I use when listening to subliminals;

By Fabio Siccardi, it’s very, very powerful;

So far I’ve gotten really good results, especially with the Superhuman Intelligence sub.

When I close my eyes, I see lots and lots of vivid images about all sorts off random stuff, I get so lost in my pattern recognition in my mind, and puzzle everything together with very intense focus in my mind, and then I suddenly get pulled back into reality. It’s kinda freaky!

Well, I look forward to hear your ideas and stories as well, if you’ve got any:kitteh:

Alright, and lastly, here are the subliminal channels you can trust, and some you should stay the hell away from, imo ——

Subliminal channels that you can trust and are effective:

-Akuo Subliminals
-Fabio Siccardi(His paid versions might even be much more effective than Akuo on some points, but I can’t afford to pay for stuff like that atm.)
-Seijin Subliminals
-Curt subliminals
-Making Your Own subliminals(more trustworthy, but might not be as effective without learning the most powerful affirmations within a certain genre)
-wonderful subliminals(works really well!)
-moonlight subliminals
-Britt subliminals

Some subliminal channels only making subliminals for profit and support satanism or have ‘evil intentions’

-Mind Power(worst channel out there I swear... includes satanic affirmations and self-promotion in her subliminals)
-Quadible Integrity
-Subliminal Frequency Wizard
Etc.etc do your own reserach:kitteh:

Looking forward to your stories and ideas guys! Also if you wanna create your own subliminals that might be the best, but I don’t got the tools to do that.(don’t ask)

Well, talk to you soon.
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