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Hi everyone!

I was first mistyped as INTJ, but after retaking the test, I got the final result as an ENTJ.

As an ENTJ, I currently have many future plans on hand, ranging from games and movies to novel project and maybe even have my own computer hardware company.

I will start my story from when I was a kid.

3 - 6 years old:
Certainly my most bossiest and domineering year as a kid that wants to be in control of everything I wanted to do. At home, I tend to bully my parents and grandmother a lot by crying and always demanding things to be done in this way and not the other way around. For example, me and my parents would usually go in by the front door, but one day we went in from the backdoor, so I begged and cried so that we would go in from the front. At the childcare centre, I ultimately became the 'boss' around the place. I would constantly make new games so that other kids can play with me. One day, I thought of transforming the parts from the sofa into a maze wall so we can play a maze game. After arranging the 'walls' around to form a maze, I would then explain to the kids how the maze game should be played. I remember constantly scolded by the uncle who took care of the kids for making the place a total mess. We arranged the sofa parts back before we went to sleep.

At first, I don't really like to go kindergarden. The first day I was curious and are very quiet and observing the kids around me. I came home to tell my mom that the kindergarden is scary. The next day, my mom dropped me at the kindergarden again, and I cried to her and want to leave the kindergarden. The kindergarden principal and teachers tried to pull me back into the gate when I tried to escape. Over the time, I feel more comfortable around in kindergarden and my dislikes of kindergarden are now gone. I became more extroverted, telling peoples my ideas and stories (when thinking back, I think I annoyed them a lot rather than being friendly) and very out-going with the other friends. We would play together, talk together... fun times.

I don't really like to study at all, not even completing the homework. My parents end up completing the homework for me. When I want that thing to happen, it must happen (that is exactly what I thought of in the past). Things must go my way, and if it doesn't, I will start complaining and criticize a lot. I am kind of absorbing everything the adults say too. I remember one day, my mom told my grandma to look after me. That day I was being very naughty and shouting here and there. My grandma used a discipline stick to try and scare me (she didn't mean to hit me, just to scare me), but instead, I told her that mom told her to look after me, not hitting me. She was stunned at that words I think. She still mentioned about it today.

I watch lots of cartoon and live action movies too. When I have nothing to do, I would just put in the same episode and watch it again. I am almost not bored by the fact that I have watched it for the 100th times. Everything I did that time are very systematic. Like for example, when I put the tape into the tape player, I would count up to 7 seconds. If there is no image within the 7 seconds, I know it will not run. I was also kind of annoyed by the fact that my family member wants to wait for a bit longer when I have told them I have observed the tape player for a long time. When our family bought a VCD player for the first time, my mom told me to handle the disc on its side, not the under part of the VCD. I still did the same even to this day. When I have that system and belief, I will stick to it for a very long time unless a better theory proves me wrong.

I also tend to ask a lot about things around me. Like for example, how did I come from? My parents are usually annoyed by the fact I asked too much about things so whenever they are busy or lazy to answer, they randomly gave me a wrong answer. I still remember that sometimes I mistaken for what my mom had answered to me. Like when she was showering me, I randomly asked "Mom, will man give birth to a baby?". She answered "Yes", and I was terrified by that answer because I once thought that only woman gave birth to a baby. Later, when I learn a bit more about reproduction system, now I finally understand what my mom was trying to say. Sometimes, I do find flaws in their logics too.

7 - 12 years old
These are probably the year where I take in the most private hobbies ever. I tend to make two robots fought each other and I make sound effects and even their dialogues too. I have also created my own war board game using the chess pieces as the soldiers and generals. I even find myself using my hands to recreate the imaginary fighting scenes in my head. My parent finds this abnormal and tries to stop me from doing it again, which makes me secretly do it inside my room and whispering sound effects and talks. They then always secretly tries to open the door without a single crack to peek at what I was doing inside the room, and I would usually notice them and pretend that I am doing something else. I am not easy when my parents are constantly watching my every movement. Since then I constantly locks myself inside the room, rarely goes to the living room any more. I find it that playing with the imaginary scenes in my mind alone are kind of motivating and fun too! I look more introverted since, but when confronting with peoples, I became more extroverted.

I kind of like my aunt. Since the first time I went to her house, I felt a deep connection with her and wanted to stay there for a night. Since then, we stayed one night at my aunt's house every weekends. When they decided not to come for a weekend, I called to my aunt and sort of 'threatening' to hit my aunt's butt if she doesn't come (don't take it too seriously though, I don't even know why I said that anyway). In my aunt's house, my hobbies are kind of different. I spent more time there drawing my comics and portraits of everything I see, including the buildings in front of the windows and even drew my uncle playing computer games while smoking. I all of the artworks, I reluctant to see it again because I knew that I had a better drawing than what I had now. I was pretty surprised at how much of a natural artist I was before, I can draw a very pretty picture without learning any theories or principles of art. However, I am not interesting drawing now anymore, due to my parent's constant control over me.

In school, at first I don't know a single English or Malay words or even talking at all. Later after few lessons, I start to get the hang of it. Socially awkward at first, but soon I became more outgoing and start to have more and more friends. Nothing much interesting here, except that my best friend since Standard 1 has to leave in Stardard 3, I became more worst in studies that same year, started improving my studies in Standard 4, and end up in the top class in Standard 6. I also became the centre of attention in my school too.

13 - 16 years old
13 years old involving me trying to be a magician in my class. My and my other friend, Edmund became the magician partner in the class. I am very obsessed with making new magic tricks all the time that I ignored my studies. I was so good in magic tricks that time that I can make a short pencil disappear inside my palm in front of you without any intervention. When I finally got my computer, I then start to look for tons of magician stuff and learn many new magic tricks. I would train a lot just to get the magic tricks right. My family and my friends all know that I do magic tricks and I usually will perform a lot in front of them. I am pretty surprised at how good of a magician I was before, at the quality of a professional performer I think.

14 years old is the most interesting year. I have motivated Brian that we can create a company of our own and call it "Nic United & Co". At first we wanted to make clothes, then one day I thought of making a game after I soon found out about Game Maker 7.0. Another guy joined and the group was renamed "Junnav". He is a very intelligent dude, but we got into many arguments and he left the group since. After this, we started mass crew recruiting people around Form 2 (14 years old). Brian left for another school in that same year, and I continued the group movement after his left. We started branching out for indie filmmaking and music production.

15 years old, formed a band with Zulhazwan called PureRect, joined Thinkquest competition to make a game for it. We failed to complete that one, even though we have more than 20 peoples helping us on Junnav. Part of the reason was due to the goal of the project is ridiculous and impossible to reach.

We tried again the next year, but only got the participation certificate because it is only partly-completed. After that, I start to learn how to make a goal more realistic and actually achievable. We have also joined 2 Ludum Dare jams, first one failed, the second one also partially completed. We had a lot of experience in tight schedules and organizing during that rush hour.


Now here I am, 17 years old. I am slightly less motivated currently maybe due to the reason that all of my friends are incompetence in the realization of my big dream, at least in my experience with them. Does these happen to any of you ENTJs?

So yeah, I have just joined this forum so I can learn more about my personality and other personalities too. Nice to meet all of you :)

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