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Here is an original thought: There is no original thought.

Anyhow. I'm back. Slugging it out with the heavyweight stubborns at Socionics forum.

Trying new things. Learning pretty much nothing other than people are stuck in their states.

Now, I've moved onto two things. The first is how to change people. The second is how people work in a group setting.

Third thing I know is that being famous sucks. If you are popular, all the good people think you are trash. If you are good, you are not popular. Now, if quantum mechanics is applicable, then you can do both, which is what I am striving to attempt, but it is very hard. Currently, I lean on the not popular side.

The reason to be popular is twofold. One, you can spread your message farther. Two, you get assisted living.

The reason to be good is because quality improves the environment. When you die, people will remember the quality and strive to sustain or surpass that quality.

Ideally, you need both to succeed. I can do it, I just haven't made the jump to will yet. As such, I am doing so now. I WILL be both POPULAR and GOOD. I will do it without compromising my system of beliefs. It will require my parts of my self to be changed. It will be a positive change, which I'd assume the correlated thing I'd be doing in the case of this forum will be to build up different functions.

Learned a bunch of other things, like spoons cut things quite well, better than certain knives, and doing things other people are doing is a good way to relate. Moisturizer is good hair gel sometimes. Eating less makes you feel better.

Finally, I learned a ton about myself. For example, I have a visual memory, I remember in photographs, and am a narcissist, I must be right, and thus if I'm not, penance, although it is a reasonable penance, for example, I make my mom mad, I spend 2-5 hours helping my mom with something. There is a secondary in that I must be useful, but that is second to the self at the moment, as the self must be strong before it is used.

In my quest to be right, I have studied people who were right. For example, Sigmund Freud, who was also a narcissist, but also different. He was a prideful narcissist. I am a narcissist because I believe I am right. Being that I have to be right, I check everything I can, spending unreasonable amounts of time checking things.

I am anti-materialist, although there is a paradox in that one of my goals is to help people, which in itself is a materialist goal.

I've learned that to be positive is better than being negative. As such, I must learn to compromise and accept people of which that I disagree with's position, and internalize it, as they have successfully caused change.

I've attempted to deal with problems of today, and all I can say is two things. Donald Trump, while probably insane, does make sense sometimes. Just not while orating. I just don't like the style of us vs them mentality. It is definitely necessary though. I do not relate to Donald Trump's style of oration though. He makes too many errors. And at this point, I do believe they are errors. In every error there is a truth though. For example, he said North Korea must have gas lines, as they do not have enough gas for the entire population. True. However, they just don't distribute the gas to everyone evenly, as they don't have enough cars to take all the gas.

I'll probably make a thread about Trump's tweets, translating them for my own uses.
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