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Hey all, I created a survey comparing MBTI types with various mental disorders, addictions, and personality disorders. The survey is anonymous and is being used solely for the purpose of personal research (I’m not affiliated with any company, and it’s not being used for a University program either- although I am a Psychology student). Instead, it’s being used to build upon or alter my own theories. Again, it’s anonymous, and I will not ask for your name or any personal information beyond MBTI type and questions relating to mental health and addiction.

Thank you to all who choose to participate. It’s a very short survey and shouldn’t take longer than one minute to complete. Also, if you have any suggestions regarding making the survey more comprehensive or exact, I appreciate feedback (there’s a paragraph at the end of the survey where you can leave suggestions or thoughts).

Please answer honestly... if you ever feel uncomfortable with a question just don't answer (only three are mandatory), or close the survey. :)

Please Click Here if you wish to take the survey (the site is surveymonkey). Thanks again, and feel free to share the survey anywhere/with anyone, so long as all individuals realize they need to know their MBTI, and answer honestly.

I also apologize if I am not/was not allowed to post this under multiple subsections of the site. I'm not intending to spam, just trying to broaden my reach because the data is not usable if the sample is too small.
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