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So I'm still not sure if I'm a 7w6 or a 2w?.

I'm almost positive that I'm SX/SP/SO. And I find the instincts much more useful to me than I do the numbers regardless.

So.. my SX.. I get insanely .. with all the extra emphasis .. activated when I'm interested in a man, and thinking he's interested back. Or just.. even if unobtainable, I just obsess over him. And I'm joyous and high as a kite. It makes life vibrant and worth living.

Anyway. My latest obsession has been raging since August. I was convinced there was mutual interest and attraction on his part, but that he's not emotionally ready for a relationship now. We text every day, throughout the day about music. And we'll be working on a community project together. But after a phone call this evening, I'm more convinced than ever that any interest on his part is all a dream in my head. And I'm so tired of being hurt.

So.. now I'm crashing. And I want to cry, and I'm glum, and life sucks ect ect. Seriously feel like nothing is worthwhile, I'm not interested in life. My question is.. is it possible to turn my SX romantic activation onto some other hobby, aka music? I used to be pretty activated by playing, and I still play, but it doesn't do what it used to for me. I"m so tired of my primary activation and life force coming from something I have no say or control over. And the grey depressing life that becomes my life in between these interests is.. well let's just say I've had enough.

Other SX's, how do you keep yourselves interested in life, focused, motivated? Can you control what activates you?
Thanks guys!!
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