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Taking action

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When you take action when you are upset, what drives you?

Thinking about it and then delivering what you believe is the correct justice for a given situation?

Or! Do you act from impulse first, get angry, dictate what you believe is unfair, then calm down and apologize for the random burst of anger (or do you never apologize given circumstances).

Which action is more constructive for you and why? Do you need to think about what you're going to do and improvise being angry first, or just act on impulse?
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I used to be worse at bridge burning, now I've started to be more "composed" so to speak. Now it's more of a "seething" rage, where I tend to turn inward and just sit there while fuming on the inside and telling myself "calm down, snapping has no benefit right now, I promise I will break something to bits with my bare hands later.
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